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  1. I am surprised how many people worry about the recoil. Do you really feel it in the excitement of/when shooting an animal? I don't think I ever notice it even when shooting a 12 ga pump. I will notice it when sighting in after 6-8 shots. jmo
  2. Since I got my Browning 30/06 & used it, I have not used my pre. "64" win. 270 for 8 yrs. I love the 30/06.
  3. I have 1 with no fading, looks like new.
  4. This morning the strutting old tom was chasing the young toms away from his 16-20 hens. Sure wish I knew how to post pics to show, but I just don't get it (to old & tech. dumb.) I guess. lol
  5. Total BS, wouldn't you think our state government should have more important things to do instead of screwing with the hunters & fishermen across the state & trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights!? Maybe they should try to repeal the kill the babies law & the safe act.
  6. I would think between the high winds & broken ice boom it will be a week before it's good. jmo.
  7. If you are looking for triple tree holders check out H6 industries.
  8. Ok thanks, not sure if my big jon 4' rigger boom will handle 15# wt. without any problems.
  9. I had 10 hens & 4 strutting toms in the back yard this morning. Spring is coming!
  10. FYI, I am sure everyone knows this but by law it is illegal to cut, dismember, fillet, & skin (skin needs to be left on) many species of fish on the water so that the species & total lengh of the fish cannot be determined. Some species may be gilled & gutted only. This can be seen on pg. 52 of the 2018-19 fresh water fishing Reg. guide.(middle of the pg.)
  11. Ray, JMO but I think Dunkirk is a good/better launch as long as they keep /clean all the goose crap off of it. But the new Buffalo Sm. boat harbor launch is just bad.
  12. A committee of boaters & fishermen tried talking to the state & the designers at the Buffalo Small Boat Harbor & they would not listen or disgust anything . They insisted their design was best & that is what they were using. Well ,That was a waste of millions of $$$. The launch sucks & the parking lot is striped ass backwards!
  13. Good luck to you guys. I hope they don't screw up the launch ramps like they did at the Buffalo Small boat harbor. They are long & not steep enough You have to back trailer & tow vehicle into the water to get boat on & off the trailer. It has to be the worst launch in NY state. They just went back & removed some of the new curbing because a boat & trailer could not make some of the turns without scraping tires & hitting them. Also as long as it is a state park your empire pass should be good. So keep an eye on them & good luck!
  14. Just wondering is that blade made specifically for X-bow use? Jmo. but I also like the fixed Muzzy 100 gr. Works for me.
  15. Great monster buck, congrats!
  16. That's because people catch them by the hundreds & sell them for profits & then wonder why there aren't many. Good way to wipe out a species, remember the blue pike in lake Erie, all gone now! People said it coulndn't happen.
  17. Check out "fivips.com" (fish finders) for prices, They seem reasonable.
  18. I believe the bunks should carry the weight of the boat & the boat should barely touch the rollers when loaded. The rollers are more for getting the boat over the cross members of the trailer when coming up the angle of the ramp.
  19. How long? Sure looks like a great boat. Good luck with your sale.
  20. Yamaha 3 hp; 2 cycle; short shaft (18" from the mount to the cavitation plate); tiller steering; self contained gas tank on top; only forward gear must turn engine 180* for reverse. It is used on a 16" aluminum boat & will push it 5-6 mph. It was also used on a canoe. excellent condition. Asking $450, can send pics if interested, PM me, Thanks
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