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  1. guys- what is up with the public launch on the west side of the genny? Is it still open? I remember some discussions last year about it being shut down and heard from the attendant there that it would be gone by spring of this year. I swung by in feb and nothing has changed. anyone have any info on this? was gonna sneak out for a few hrs tomorrow or sat for browns and dont have time to check it out myself...thanks
  2. Unfortunately, pike season is now closed until the first Sat in May
  3. Tigerhunter- I will mail to book out to you tomorrow
  4. Done with the book... well worth reading. i am going with the flow so first person to post address gets it next
  5. Just call Diawa. The # is on the website. I called them a couple weeks ago for a part for my sealine-they were super easy to deal with and I had the part in my hand in a few days. They even sent it to me free of charge and my reel is no longer under warranty.
  6. I added folbe's last season for musky fishing and i love them. i have used them to troll some big a$$ musky lures with no probs. I also set up a couple wire dipsey rods last summer for salmon and the folbes held up great with those as well. so far i give them a and will be picking up another pair shortly. as for the tracks- i have a tracker deep v with a similar track system. I know cisco makes mounts that slide into the lund track but they are not cheap... I believe lund makes brackets also that you can get through your dealer. I ended up using tracker mounts which are basically thick pieces of starboard about 6 inches long with a carraige bolt on either side to secure into the track, then through-bolted the folbe mount to that.
  7. sweet got the book- thanks jayjay. and thanks old man.. looks like a good read. i will post up when i am finished reading and keep it movin along...
  8. Wouldn't matter to me if they are separate... as nitro said, I would prob read both even though i don't walleye fish much. There is not as much traffic in this section as the coldwater sections anyway... I do think would be cool if you had to be a registered member to read the esox section like for the trib section. Muskies are a precious resource here in NY and we may see more action in these forums if they were not open to the general public. It is free to register anyway, so if someone is really interested they can take the 2 minutes to register. Just a thought...
  9. nothin but follows fri... went 2 for 3 trollin sat am and 2 for 3 trollin sat pm. smaller ones, biggest was right at 40". tried casting when conditions allowed but nada. miserable out there but back at it in the am [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. in north basin now.. water temp is 55. nothing yet but only been at it an hour. just met up with dan lungelumber to grab a few prowlers and only follows for him so far. nice day tho [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. tomorrow will be slammin... i will be at bemus lodge tomorrow am through sun. save some for me and say hello i have a grey/black tracker [ Post made via iPhone ]
  12. sorry i am 585 [ Post made via iPhone ]
  13. rochie66- please post some pics of your downrigger mounts if you wouldnt mind. i have the same boat and was thinking about grabbing a couple of the versatrack downrigger mounts. do you find that they are sturdy enough in the track? [ Post made via iPhone ]
  14. If you are waiting for the guy at bemus lodge to call you back, don't hold your breath. you have to keep calling him until you can get him on the phone
  15. couple i have stayed at- bemus point lodge- motel rooms and nice boat docks w/electric. owner said he leaves docks in through last weekend in october camp chautauqua- RV/tent sites and boat docks. not sure how long docks stay in both have websites-just google them
  16. cool stuff old man. thanks for sharin. looks like you were in the canoe... where are you launching at? right off the causeway? I brought my kayak down there a couple years ago and launched @ otisco park, but it was about 50 yard carry to the water...real pain in the a$$.
  17. Bucktails work well for me- i like brown/gold blade or black/orange blade Grab yourself a couple tuff shads (crankbait) and sledges (jerkbait) and you should be in good shape.
  18. make me an offer... will consider trade for larger musky lures or other fishing equipment [ Post made via iPhone ]
  19. Eagle FishMark 320 portable fish finder in great shape! Has suction cup transducer and will take either 8 D size batteries or smaller sized 12 volt. $100 PM me
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