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  1. I had same issue, blew apart the head, junked it.70 Johnson 86 model, coils a couple times too.
  2. I made some time this year to get back in the salmon game after 7 years out of it, having 2 boats up there is a real plus, we trailered down to Stoney Creek a couple times this season, had some luck.
  3. I think I could get used to it, lots of water to explore.
  4. Esox, agree on the challenge, there is something to be said for being on the water early, I’ve managed to stay on them until 8am ish, and can reach them in 75 ft. My goal for next year is the 100 ft fish. Best of all, I’ll be RETIRED by June.😎
  5. Tough position to be helping people out and giving advice and finding your spots crowded when you show up. All 3 of the above fellows are a credit to the fishing community, thanks again.😎
  6. It’s been 3 years trying different methods on the Larry to try to consistently take eyes. I’ve finally got settled in on a program that has proven to be successful and fun to boot. Thanks to Prof T and Kevin for some tips thru the last few seasons, tight lines guys!
  7. Early morning shoal bite, 20-40 ft, calf island area.
  8. If you have a mapping unit, make use of it. I spent some time this year just to map certain shoals, a huge difference from pre loaded maps.
  9. Keith K , how’s the water level in Stoney Creek? I used the state launch a month ago,thanks.
  10. The action the last couple mornings on the Lake was good, 7 to 10 lbers.
  11. Let’s be real, guys that are fisherman and are layed off from work right now are going to fish at sometime. Let’s just be as safe as possible, short drives, no stops for lunch, pack it, take your in house family only. We all will need to keep our sanity at some point. Tight lines, stay safe.
  12. That’s old news that Montreal was spared anymore flooding at the expense of Lake Ontario and up river residents of the Larry.
  13. Get the moon phase chart and put it on your phone.
  14. Night time is the right time, be there when the moon rises.
  15. It’s been a 3 year learning curve, tough weather doesn’t help.
  16. Need to run out to the shipping lane and work south this time of year. It’s a bit of a run.
  17. Can I ask what speeds you fellas usually fish into the current and with the current? thanks!
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