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  1. pick them out while eating. Doesn't bother me too much
  2. I was wondering about this too. Last summer was my first trolling for salmon and not too cought up on everything yet so what exactly does 'hitting them on 300 copper' mean?
  3. Just bought about 30 spoons, all with single hooks. the previous owner stated that he only uses single hooks, but I ever asked why. I noticed all the lures I purchase new all come with treble hooks. Are treble hooks preferred over single? Is there any difference when fishing with them? (Sorry, shoulda posted this in tackle section. My bad)
  4. Went up last week and finally caught a few. Nothing huge but a 23 pounder and a few smaller kept us pretty happy for the time being
  5. thanks. We fish spoons most of the time and now really starting to use flasher/fly and plugs. another question, where is "the wall" I keep hearing about (till new tho the lake. all I really know for locations are power plant, microwave, and red barn)
  6. We are having no trouble catching coho, a steelie here and there and small kings (<20") but can't seem to catch a mature. we have all the necessary equipment and ability to do so, just can't and is REALLY startin to get to me. any tips/pointers?
  7. They loved any silver spoon on Saturday here in Olcott. Didn't matter if it were Mags or 28s
  8. thanks for the help guys. i'll give all this stuff a whirl Monday morning and let u know how it goes
  9. Name: Andrew Location: Buffalo Home Port: Olcott Boat Name/Type: I fish for: Whatever I can catch ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here). Hey guys!! Been out only 4 times, no kings, but still havin fun. Every time I get back, I'm on here seeing what I can change to catch a few more next time. Keep up the wealth of info gentlemen!!
  10. Fairly new to the sport, spent a LOT of time on here and so far, has been paying of to an extent, each time out catching a few more fish than before, but still nothing to brag about and no kings . I've read a lot here about different rigger weights and shapes which relates to my first set of questions: Is the fish shape the same as the shark shape? Which tracks better? and which is better for depths 100' or less? (Assuming they are different shapes and performance to this depth.) Rather than just using spoons, I just added a few flies to my small, somewhat productive arsenal of lures, but confused on the flasher/dodger ordeal. Do each of these act the same? Which is better to use with a fly? and does it necessarily have to match the color of the fly? Last bit of info I would like to know is distance behind the ball and stacker to go with a spoon and with a flasher/fly? I've heard anything from 8' up to 30'. I know if something doesn't work, try something else, but there has to be some sort of general consensus on a narrower range of distance. Does the distance behind the clip effect th way a lure presents itself? Especially with a flasher? Figured I would get the basics out of the way before I start worrying about anything else. Thanks for all the help gentlemen!! OrangeD
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