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  1. What is the largest ( by default) oldest fish caught in Seneca Lake by species would you & your family eat? Lake Trout: LL: Rainbow: Brown:
  2. Great photos for showing the difference between LL & Rainbow. ( sometimes it's all in the tail )
  3. Any idea when Seneca "turns over" or what to look for when it does?
  4. Les, Voice of reason as usual. Thanks!
  5. And then there's this ..... "Signs posted in the swim area by the village of Watkins Glen" Swimming is closed at Clute Park due to E-coli in the water. As of 07/27/2018.
  6. Thanks Les! What # test do you recommend?
  7. Sk8man "Sk8man, you should know I used your sliding cheater recipe" ?
  8. So yet another problem for Seneca Lake? They have the potential to irreversibly damage indigenous ecosystems. Ecology Rudd prefer clear waters rich in plants. They also feed on aquatic vegetation when the temperature exceeds 18 °C. They hunt for living prey in the upper levels. They prefer mesotrophicwaters, while the roach is sometimes found together with the perchin waters that are nutrient poor. Rudd appear to prefer non-acidic water.[10] It prefers shallow weedy areas in lakes and river backwaters, where mature females lay up to 200,000 eggs on submerged vegetation. Young rudd eat zooplankton, aquatic insects, and occasionally other small fish. Mature rudd, which are about 18” in length and weigh about 3 pounds, eat mostly aquatic vegetation. The rudd can consume up to 40% of their body weight in vegetation per day, as much as 80% of which is discharged as waste, releasing nutrients into the water column. They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and water conditions, including eutrophic or polluted waters. In the laboratory Rudd readily hybridize with the U.S. golden shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas). They come in both silver and gold, and are sometimes sold as pond ornamentals.[11] Maximum lifespan has been reported as 17 years. Sexual maturity has been reported at 2–3 years.[12]
  9. Anyone else catch this fish in Seneca?
  10. Which rubber bands to buy and where to buy them, that have a 5# Breaking strength. For use with Blacks downrigger release. Thanks!
  11. oneluvunknown Please post the link to the FB video referred above. Regards & Thanks
  12. reeldilemma33 One of my all time favorite fishing shows was named "Nice Fish". On that show situated in the Northwest they fished for Salmon via trolling, and some times using a fly rod & knuckle buster reel. https://www.wildtv.ca/show/39 http://nicefish.tv/ http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/shows/nice-fish I don't think it currently airs but you can catch a few episodes on the net.
  13. Les, Just a thought ... has anyone tried waxing the cable or braid line ... perhaps with a paraffin block while rewinding? More overkill?
  14. Sk8man, Do you ever place a drop of Super Glue on the knot as an insurance?
  15. I'm not buying just satisfying a curiosity.
  16. Les, I was giving you that assignment, I only get 10% for the idea.
  17. Time to invent a spiny water flea removal tool.
  18. According to a Scotty rep. their braid (order from Scotty dealer) does actually help reduce the blowback.
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