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  1. If we have another high water event this spring we are screwed.
  2. I also have been doing alot of fishing the past 2 weeks. I havent seen any fish at all.
  3. vogel451

    Skaneateles Skaneatles

    Skaneateles is by far my most favorite fingerlake. Its always so quiet, and the water is the cleanest ive seen. Has a natural green color to it. Not alot of bait. The fish are on the small side, but it makes up for it with its beauty. A bonus bow is always nice too!~
  4. I was just joking with a friend today about how I was gonna go out and catch a new personal best lamprey on cayuga this weekend. They really are there in big numbers. Kinda wierd how the lampreys start to become a porblem then the bite dies out...
  5. vogel451

    Skaneateles Skaneatles

    Ive only fished it a dozen times or so but Luhr Jensen Needlefish are a good bet for rainbows. Not sure of colors but DEC website has suggested Needlefish many times in the past. Good Luck.
  6. I also had the same problem with the lampreys. They are consistantly large too. We had 3 lampreys on our downrigger ball at one time this past weekend and also got one wound up in our lines when we had a underwater tangle. All lampreys were atleast 18" long and a little larger than a quarter size in girth. I kept the fillet knife by the downrigger and I was litterally hacking them off my cannonball. I dont see how a 18" fish could survive lemprey attacks of this size.
  7. Actually Gem590 your wrong.. The rainbow you speak of took the Grand Prize. Im sure we are talking about he same thing only your confused on the leaderboard layout. Thanks http://www.ithacalions.com/SA/prizes.html
  8. Nice rainbow, it would have placed 1st in th B division and won 500$
  9. Cannon Dual Axis rod holders! Little more $$$ but very nice! Ive had 0 problems
  10. I been waiting for your report Bill. That boat you were talking about trolling behind you was definatly me on Saturday morning ! Jim from old lady fords marina. I was in my 20' Penn yan. I spoke to you on the radio about it and asked you how your day was going! Ive never seen anyone pull up infront of me like that and shut there boat off while I had 7 lines out, including dipseys. As I went by he waved at me and said hello... yes my divers were under his boat.
  11. My girlfriend always thinks im yelling at her when she is driving. Go shallower! ok now go deeper! "I THOUGHT YOU WANTED IN SHALLOWER?) "Well now i want to go deeper!" OMG!!! 50% of the time we only last an hour. 5am is a little early to start arguing lol
  12. Nice report Bill, Grats on the 9lb LL! Thats a Pig!! Hey stop over and check out the boat with the new cannon rod holders you suggested on it. Its really coming together. Thanks!
  13. For Sale: 2006 9.9hp Mercury 4-stroke kicker shortshaft motor This motor has VERY low hours on it. I bought this motor from a friend that had money problems. The motor was won in the 2006 Vets catfish derby on the susquehanna. Its fished that same derby every year since. The motor was seperated from a 14' alluminum boat, so it has never been used as a trolling kicker. The only other use this motor has had was a handful of outings on owasco lake. I estimate this motor to have 40hrs on it or less. Starts and runs perfect. The propeller has some dings in it from the river. This motor wont last. $1500.00 OBO Call Jim Vogel 607-592-9707 451 lake rd Dryden NY 13053 The motor hasnt had the muck from the river washed off it. sorry! http://i950.photobucket.com/albums/ad35 ... G_0246.jpg
  14. Was just looking at one yesterday at bass pro. So, i dont own one. They are nice! 640x480 with insight capabilities. I hear Navionics is better so Id look into the base package without insight and get navionics with it for an extra 150$. I hear navionics is only neccesary if your a bass fisherman that need to pinpoint with close accuracy. I myself am a troller, i dont believe id need navionics though. Down imaging is an extra 400$ for the hardware. High quality pictures tell you exaclty what your looking at. Very impressive indeed
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