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  1. After everyone in my boat has reeled in the 500 copper once, they arent as fast to jump up and grab it when the next time! hahahaha
  2. The Lansing gas station at the 4-way stop is also going to have it soon. Fingerlakes Marina is now selling is on the lake too 4.95$/gallon
  3. I run stackers 100% of the time with very little issues. I dont pay any attention to what length leads I use. When I get a release on the bottom rod I just hold the tip of the rod out to the side of the boat for a few seconds just till is gets by the stacked line. I fish Cayuga lake the majority of my fish are lakers. Its rare I get a fish-on that will wrap up other lines. I usually stack lines 20ft apart. Ill catch lakers on the bottom line and a mix bag on the stacker. Ive set lines as little as 10' apart. Yes putting a flasher/fly rig on bottom ans stack a spoon farther up works well. Or you can just run cheaters.
  4. I lost a few rigs with 20lb so now I use 50lb Big game from dipsey to flasher. I usually wouldnt use such big line but the Atomik flys I use have 50lb leaders too so ...
  5. I also have Cannon Dual Axis holders . What a wonderful rod holder. Can adjust to any position. Absolutly awsome.
  6. Awsome fish! Is it a Lake O or a fingerlake fish?
  7. Maybe temps arent as important on the fingerlakes? I know that if I find to warm of temps where im at i just moving out a little further into deeper water (a stones throw away) but on Ontario you might have toi move out a few miles because there isnt extreme drop off like cayuga. ?? Thinking out loud here....
  8. I bought my FishHawk last year. Its changed my trolling tactics quite a bit. Sometimes I wonder if for the better. Looking through my FishHawk booklet it shows best feeding temps for certain species. I fish Cayuga lake so lake trout are a big part of my program but Browns, rainbow and LL's are always welcome. So as you can see Browns, rainbows and LL's have a lower limit of 44. So ill make that 44 degrees hit bottom and Ill stack lines up from there and adjust from there depending on if I see any patterns on the finder from there. Anyone care to share any of your tactics? Im interested mainly in what temps you look for and what species your targeting. Whats going through your head when you hit the lake? What are you looking for? Via FishHawk Instruction manual. Species- Lower Limit Optimum Upper Limit Brown Trout 44 52 75 Chinook Salmon 40 44 60 Coho Salmon 44 54 60 Crappie 60 70 75 Kokanee 52 Lake Trout 40 42 55 Largemouth Bass 50 70 80 Atlantic Salmon 45 50 60 Rainbow Trout 44 54 63 Smallmouth Bass 50 65 73 Steelhead 42 45 62 Walleye 50 67 76 Alewife 48 54 72 Cisco 53 Emerald Shiner 61 Gizzard Shad 69 Rainbow Smelt 43 50 57 Spottail Shiner 54
  9. I suppose you could do anything you wanted. But Leadcore isnt generally run with dipseys. Id stick to wire, braid or mono. Good luck!
  10. Nice dark color on that laker. Congrats!
  11. The spots of that first Brown are huge! Congrats everyone!
  12. Fat Nancys - http://www.fatnancystackle.com/ All Season Sports -http://www.allseasonsports.com/ FishUSA -http://www.fishusa.com/
  13. Glad you had some success. Good luck out there
  14. My 3 man crew and I are in! We are gonna hit it hard. Good luck out there!
  15. Pictures please! Id be glad to try yo come up with ideas to mount your riggers. Sometimes though small storage boxes just need to be covered. Downriggers and rod catch fish not storage boxes.
  16. Im parked at Fingerlakes Marina on meyers point. Ive found several dead fish including Bass, sunfish and a nice brown trout about 17" within 10' of my dock. All fish had white fungus on them. Ive also seen this fungus on fish that are still alive swimming around. Bad picture but a dead brown none the less http://i950.photobucket.com/albums/ad350/vogel451/0507131646_zps302afe85.jpg
  17. You just about covered it! If your a beginner, I have a few simple tips for lakers. Im not a pro but I spend alot of time targeting lakers on the fingerlakes. I dont have quite as many tactics as the previous post under my belt but I do ok. In the summer there is no need to fish any deeper than 90fow here on Cayuga. Im sure its very similar on the rest of the fingerlakes. I began by draggin single spoons about 20-80' back off my rigger as close to the bottom as I can get. Hopefully im dragging bottom with my downrigger ball more often then not. 1.8-2.2 is a great speed for lakers. I If you have a temp probe 50degrees is a good temp to target. More recently Ive started using flashers/fly rigs with great success. As I reread your question I realized your talking about spring time. Since this time of year the lake temps are fairly consistant through the water column lakers can be very spread out until a thermocline sets up. Ive caught lakers in 20fow this spring and marked them out in 220fow. Jigging is a VERY good method for lakers. Good luck!
  18. It was a beautiful day to be on the water. Its always a plus when the boat runs good for the first trip! Now its just fish-on foir the rest of the year! Good luck out there, hope your season is a Great one!
  19. You said it yourself, there the cornell crew! Exempt from the law? There out there arent they? Has anyone seen Police on Cayuga this year?
  20. Lets see this trolling pontoon! I always though it would be a great idea. Taking on big waves are prolly a pontoons only downfall.
  21. Yeah really! Lets see this Grady Sounds nice!
  22. I also have been seeing alot on Cayuga. Smaller ones too. About 6-8 inches long. I thought the Lamprey were supposed to spend 4-5 years in the tribs then come out for one year and try to spawn again that spring...Now ive seen The adult Lamprey last fall. I thought these small ones were suposed to still be in the streams maturing?
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