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  1. I feel your pain. A few years ago I snagged the Bolten Point water intake pipe on Cayuga Lake. I lost a FishHawk probe, 12lb Weight, a release, a terminator clip and half my rigger wire. Last trip I hit the up button on my rigger my accident, sucking the weight into the pully. Then I forgot about fixing it and proceeded to cross the lake in 3 footers. It didn't take long before I lost the weight, clip and another release.................
  2. Anyone know how well a Lakemaster Chip works on Cayuga vs Hotmaps chip?
  3. I have plenty of Thundersticks with the rear hook torn out. Usually happens in the net. I like to turn the net upside down and dump em as quick as possible and not let them roll around in it. quality net helps a lot. I think the Thundersticks are junk these days. We fished Cayuga Sunday morning out of Finger Lakes Marine on Meyers. Almost the same numbers 20 for 21. All shaker Salmon but a 17" Brown and a 5lb Laker.
  4. For Sale: x67c Ice Machine NO BATTERY! 125$ Batteries are $20 at store. Also missing arm that holds transducer over hole. If you buy a transducer for your boat you can use this unit year round. Good value.
  5. I cant wait to try this next birds nest
  6. Nice Browns Dbutts! When were they caught? late August early Sept?
  7. My first year trolling Cayuga Lake I set a few goals (besides teaching myself how to troll!). I wanted to catch a 6lb LL, 6lb Rainbow, 10lb Laker and a 10lb Brown. I fished hard, harder than I do now lol. The first season I managed to get my rainbow at 6.2lbs and Laker at 10.75lbs. The Second season I I caught my Landlock a colored up male at 6.4lbs. I trolling for almost 2 more seasons an only caught a handful of browns. Never really could get a brown program going and 4lbs being the biggest so far. Most days I never caught one. On may 12th of my 4th season I hook up. We were trolling the east shore when I look for my planer board off my port side and its nowhere to be found. I turn to my buddy and ask "What happen to my board?" Thats when the drag started rippin.... He wouldn't jump.. I couldn't get a glimps... Slowly making ground I finally start to see color. She was big! What was it? I bring the fish to the back of the boat and my buddy scoops her. It was the 11lb Brown that I had been trying so hard to catch. Since I was 100% self taught beside internet research the catch was that much better, What a great day on the water and on the wall it went!
  8. I've been fishing Owasco quite a bit this summer. I started out fishing deep but I always but always had better luck catching fish higher up in the column. I pick my program up to about the mid 50 degree temps and the fish start hitting. All of the moth of June I was catching Lakers 5' under the surface on jointed minnow baits in warm water.
  9. Fish of a Lifetime. Congrats!
  10. I've caught many fish out of this boat. Including my personal best Salmon and steelhead. Super quiet motor. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. I'm not exactly sure if lamprey are in the creeks right now, but the spring high water flood events are the exact reason Cayuga is/was doing so bad. They are able to bypass the fish way when this happens and spawn successfully. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Those laker takers always work great for me on Cayuga. Gotta love that Walmart spoon! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. I'll be out there Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Nice job Mike! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. There is also the Barney and Bear fall derby. I dont think the info is out yet but its usually the 2nd or 3rd saturday in September. There are 2 FLTA (Fingerlakes trolling assosiation) Derby's this year (they have a facebook page for details) on June 21st at the Cayuga Rt. 414 Rest Area and July 26th at the Cayuga Rt. 414 Rest Area for wiegh in. You must be a memeber to fish these, you can join any time for a 20$ entry. There might be another 333 in the works too, unsure of details.
  16. I stop into taughannock park the first week of June during the spawn and grab some. Walk out on the concrete pier and the water is black with them. Go first light!
  17. Anyone out there fish Owasco as there home lake? I will be docking my boat there come June. I have a few questions pm me! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. Thanks, I decided to take a drive out there tonight. Ice as far as I could see. Lots of grey spots.
  19. Anyone know if there is open water on Owasco lake? South end launch condition? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Cant say I saw any there last year. I bought mine from Amishoutfitters.com
  21. I've actually used the three way swivel method and I did catch two lakers at once. lots of tangles though.
  22. Could someone gimmie a rundown of the details on Big Fish Friday please? Thanks
  23. Congrats on a New PB LL. Beautiful fish man! Cya out there in a few weeks!
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