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  1. This is a great running vessel. I've put plenty of fish on the deck of this boat. Super nice Walk Around fishing platform. Quality riggers and plenty of rod holders.
  2. 1992 Penn Yan Adventurer 202 3.0L Mercruiser Engine 130hp Alpha I Gen II Outdrive 1992 Load Right - Dual axel Roller Trailer with Brakes and Bearing Buddies. Tires are 3 seasons old and are in great shape. -Some Cannon Track on Boat -Some Canvas, Sides and Backdrop are in great shape. Needs new top -Onboard Wash Down -Anchor and Rope -2x life jackets Maintenence/Parts -New Mercruiser OEM Starter and Solenoid this year -New Gimbal Bearing and Bellows Last year -Dual Batteries 2 years old -New Trim Rams -Weld in upper unit case of outdrive as seen in photos. The crack happen when one trim ram didn't extend as far as the other. This is why I replaced the rams. James Vogel 607-592-9707 Call or Text
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  4. Chocolate milk from Meyers South, lots of sticks,logs and leaves. Some fishable spots on west shore.
  5. I wouldnt stop at Skaneateles unless you were there for the scenery. Owasco will have a great Surface Laker bite till June. Good size fish too. I recommend a black and silver jointed rapala flat lined or on a board for Owasco.
  6. If anyone out the green goby color I would like to buy! pm me!
  7. That is not good to hear at all. Cayuga was the same way in 2013 and the next year was horrible. Cayuga wasn't right for 3 years. Gotta wait till spring for the treatment I believe.
  8. I've tried night trolling a handful of times. The lake comes alive at night. When you look at your Fish finder you ask yourself "is this for real"? That being said, I've never budged a rod on Cayuga at night. I agree with others though, Be very careful and make sure your boat is running right because nobody is out there. I would consider yourself lucky if someone even replied to a call on the radio.
  9. The wife and I did a evening troll yesterday from 5:30-7:30. We left Myers and went to 325' and turned north. We went 6 for 6 in 20 min all silvers on spoons. Lots of bait and everything was getting bit.. Riggers at 74 and 85 with cheaters. We turned around on em once the bait slimmed out but it was gone.
  10. I defiantly had those days. Mostly on the wire rods. Lately I have been applying side pressure when the fish breaks the surface and it has been helping me alot.
  11. Lily, I fish out of the same port and have the same findings. Lots of bait 65-80fow with not a lot of fish around. Saturday I trolled from The yacht club to T-park and it was 4 miles of nothing but bait. We have been having more success over deep water 300-340. We have been seeing some nice Rainbows coming our way lately too.
  12. http://fingerlakesdailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=16&id=223088#.V8pAVZgrJaQ Blue Green Algae found on Seneca.
  13. Nice Rig, I miss my 14' Aluminum. I went everywere
  14. Wow sounds like a Spring report. Nice job
  15. Yes, I've placed a order and I'm impatiently waiting. His EMAIL link isn't working for me. I've ordered spoons from other company's and lost them already lol
  16. Anyone have a Phone number for R&R tackle? Is he on LOU?
  17. Lol! Gotta love that Cayuga!
  18. Great guy. He has given me plenty of good fishing tips over the years. RIP Barney
  19. I moved to Cayuga to Seneca two years ago. 2 years ago the fishing was out of this world. I never experienced anything like it. 24" salmon going 6lbs? Not on Cayuga... Then it just seemed to take a crap. This year I'm back on Cayuga and glad I made the switch. However there are a lot of juvenile lampreys in the system. They don't do a lot of lampriciding here on Cayuga because they depend on the Fishway damn to much. They will *uck it up... Lampreys come out of the streams after 4-5 years of being born. IMO these Lamprey are from 2012 when the lake went into flood stage. I dont believe the treatment got them all! What will next year hold?
  20. I flatlined for lakers last year till June on owasco. Fleas kick in early.
  21. Fished Barney & Bears Spring Derby this weekend. Our Saturday was good fishing just couldn't find any size. We went `13 for 15 with a 5lb laker being our largest. Today we headed to find big browns, and that is exactly what we did. From 5:30am-7am it was nonstop action in brown town. Anything purple was getting chomped! Lots of browns over 5lbs today. Ended the tourney in 2nd place in the Brown division and I couldn't be much happier.
  22. Grats that is a great fish. Cayuga has been good this year.
  23. Wow nice fish! We headed south yesterday and could only manage 3 bites. Guess we went the wrong direction. But we did manage a nice one.
  24. Fishmaster your not alone my friend! I set rods then partake. When your not payingh attention is when the fish bite, everyone knows that!
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