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  1. I used Give Forward when my best friend (my dog Buddy) got hit by a truck. We successfully raised $3300 and saved his life. They take a small % but its a great way to raise money.
  2. I would really like to get out on the lake if your still looking for someone. I have all my own gear if needed. Call me my name is Jim, 607-592-9707
  3. Nice Job on the Lakers. What body of water were they caught in? Id bring a camera next time, they aren't the best eating :/
  4. Hello Fellow fisherman! I Live in Ithaca NY and I am Cayuga Lake fisherman. However next year I believe I'm making the jump to Lake O. I've been looking VIA the internet for possible marinas to dock up at. I have a small 20' Penny so electricity isn't a priority but all the amenities count in making my decision. Food and gas near by is always a plus! I figured Id post hear to see what other boaters thought of the marinas around the bay. Ive chosen Sodus just because of the Brown trout fishing in the spring. If you care to give an opinion on other marinas east of sodus I would consider those too. But fish is my #1 priority! Here are a few marinas I have found. west side of bay -Arny's Marina -Sodus point bait shop -Sodus Marina east side of bay -Fowlers Marina
  5. Nice Salmon! Wish I could get kid to stay on a boat for 6 hours!
  6. Great fish and Picture! That's a Beauty. I'm not sure if Id ever mount a laker but a 17lber out of Canandaigua is awsome! As I was reading your post I thought for sure you were going say the Bow hit the white fly but nope... I've never caught a rainbow on a Flasher/Fly setup here on Cayuga. You guys must have a good population.
  7. Congrats! That is one nice Buck. I hope to get my first this year.
  8. This is just my opinion but I basically agree with rollmops. Id start on a smaller body of water and get some experience. I've had very close calls in my 4 years of boating on Cayuga. Looking back I'm glad I wasn't on bigger water.
  9. Last November the DEC told me that it took them twice as long to catch there quota of lakers gill netting at T-point. I believe the fishing has just gotten worse since then.
  10. That video makes my stomach turn. Cayuga was a great fishery.
  11. Nice report! Yes, a nice 20lb laker on light tackle would be great. Good luck out there!
  12. vogel451

    Cayuga lakers

    Sounds like a nice morning bite. What kinda Suttons you like to use on cayuga?
  13. You guys rock! Your boat/crew are true fishing machines. Good luck out there!
  14. Yes I too would like to see the results from the tournement. I heard a 9lb+ rainbow won.
  15. Is it called Sea Flee? If im right it comes in 30lb? Is there any lighter choices?
  16. Thats quite the video! Nice job. Beautiful fish.
  17. We fished last night too for 3 hours on the west shore in 125fow headed south. 3hrs of fishing 0 fish. I believe im gonna skip the derby this year. I havent landing a fish over 5lb this year.
  18. Archman, my guess is that your experience at t-point happend earlier this month. The sawbellies come in to spawn at the mouth of the creek. Thats why June is one of the best months to fish minnows under slip bobbers at that location. Recently the bait has beenmoving back out deeper. So im affraid you prolly caught the tail end of that. Good news is, since you have a kayak you can Jig! Jigging on the fingerlakes is very successful. Id start with a 1oz Gumball jig (white) and a white bodied palastic bait and send it down. This method is deadly. More so for lake trout than salmon though. Good luck!
  19. Have you checked Fuel and Spark? Kill switch off? Choke working? Trolling motor Transducer mount- http://www.cabelas.com/product/Boating/Electric-Trolling-Motors/Electric-Trolling-Motor-Accessories%7C/pc/104794380/c/104716980/sc/104312880/Rig-Rite-Trolling-Motor-Transducer-Mount/733974.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse.cmd%3FN%3D1100550%26WTz_l%3DSBC%253BBRprd733974&WTz_l=SBC%3BBRprd733974%3Bcat104312880
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