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  1. I only pull hooks when I use single hooks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Its always open. Cayuga is approaching its winter levels quickly. If you don't have a outboard it could get tricky. Good luck
  3. I love my trolling bags. Good investment. I troll with a Yamaha 115hp 4-stroke on my 19'. They work extremely well. I own the 28" Amish outfitters bags. I run once on each side while trolling. I feel mine are prolly one size to big for my configuration but rpms stay high and i have a lot of control. Bags can be run a variety of ways. One off that back is also popular. I hope this helps.
  4. First two weeks of September are some of my favorite days of fishing. Lots of big fish show up.
  5. Right of way is usually just something you hear about sadly. When boat are coming at me and I have the right of way and I decide to hold my ground and see what happens, it usually ends bad. One time I told a guy I had the right of way. He yelled "This isn't Lake Ontario buddy!" Good reply because I seriously didnt know what to say about that lol
  6. https://bluemoon.lakeontariounited.com/
  7. Pictures posted Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. I am selling this BigJon Manual Dual Planer Mast. Condition is used. I estimate them at 8 years old. It is missing the foot mount and the wing nuts that go in the reels. There is some line on reels, condition unknown. $150 firm pick up only. Ithaca NY area. Contact Jim Text 607-592-9707 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/877389772672597/?ref=bookmarks
  10. My buddy caught 2 Browns in the 8-9lb range directly in the middle of the lake in front of Tauganouk over the weekend.
  11. Michigan Stinger - Green Glo Alewife UV and Chicken Wing UV.
  12. Please join us in a new Facebook group called "Finger Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing" I've created this group due to the original being totally unmoderated and rude people ruining it for everyone. Thanks 5/18 Launch out of Myers headed south. Got 2 miles south and realized the water was mud and wasn't going to be productive. We made a turn back north till I found better water. We fished from 6am-Noon under overcast skys the whole day. Dead flat and sprinkling. Very peaceful and calm morning. Even tho it was slow we enjoying our morning to the fullest. 6:30am our first board took a rip. My step son Dean was on the rod and doing well. After a nice fight he brought a nice 28" Female Brown to the Net. Being I told him we were her for the big one, we were overly excited to get a nice Brown early. Then we proceeded to land 4 legal salmon in the 18-20" range. Overall we only landed 10 fish by noon, but we got the right one 5/19 Headed back out from 6am-10:30am. Sun was out very early to a dead flat lake and a east wind. We worked the same area but stayed in a small spot that was very productive. The water was only a slight brown and we had another foot of visibility. Hoping for a bigger Brown was the name of the game but lets face it. 28' is pretty good! Around 7:30am we doubled up! Dean brought a large laker to the boat and I was fortunate enough to bring another Brown the boat. Dean slid the net under the fish and when it hit the floor I really couldn't believe it. It was a Very Large 29" Male Brown Trout. I didn't have a scale but I think he is my new personal best. The rest of the morning was similar to the first. 10 for 10. 5/20 Back at it again! We went to the same spot, of course! As soon as we set down it was game on. The water had turned from brown to and nice green. It was nonstop action including doubles and triples. Pure mayhem. Still hoping for the Cayuga lake giant we weeded through many salmon in the 16-20' range and many small browns. But due to no lack of effort we couldn't find a big fish. We landed 16 by 8:30am Great day on the water and some salmon for the table. Tight lines!
  13. Looks like they have opened it up on the north end. We are at max target levels. Seneca river has gone up 2.5'
  14. Rainbow. I just look for the spotted tail.
  15. Ive been fishing Cayuga for 10 years. Ive never caught a Pike. But I did catch two pickerel yesterday!
  16. I dredged it out with my Yamaha last Thursday, should be good lol :/
  17. vogel451

    for sale : usa Wanted Info

    I prefer a Humminbird for the soul reason the is a course projection line off the front of the boat on GPS. Makes it very easy to see where you are heading will just a quick look. It takes a Navionics Chip also. You could also get version G2 instead of a G3 to save money. You can also make your own fishing maps and record bottom. I bought the Helix 10 GPS/Combo. No Side or Down imaging. Just map and 2D Sonar. Good luck
  18. I have two Diawa Saltist 30LCHA / Heartland 9'6" Heavy Dipsy Combos w/Twill tips for sale. Rods are fully loaded with Wire. Great condition. $380 for the pair. Pick-up only, possible meet up. Ithaca NY. Text Jim @ 607-592-9707
  19. We must have been doing circles together We fished same area, had four boats around us. Similar results. 6 Lakers 4 keeper salmon in the 18-20' range. Tight Lines!
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