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  1. I did this for 2 years. They send you back alot of great info on largest catches of the year in the fingerlakes if I recall correctly. It is kind of a pain when you boat 30 fish in a day. But it goes towards a great cause... FISH ON!!
  2. Ok spray paint it is! Up till now I haven't even modified a factory spoon. I'm going to dabble a little this year. Hopefully I can come up with something good
  3. I would like to start painting my old beat up spoons. What type of paint would I be looking for? I'm just looking to apply with a brush, no spraying
  4. Thanks for the reply's everyone I have been put in touch with a good source
  5. Hello I been searching for some vintage black/purple stinger spoons. I'm not sure what sizes they came in but the size I am looking for is under 3". I've found many colors just not this one! An old man that taught me how to fish had a ton of them, seems I would have found this color by now. hopefully I'm thinking of the same maker.
  6. vogel451

    47 lb walleye?

    Imagine what a salt water walleye would taste like tho. Mmmmmmm
  7. Anyone know of a place that will Camo dip a deer skull in the CNY area? I live in Ithaca but im willing to travel a ways.
  8. I haven't gotten my big boards in the water yet, but I do use inline boards. I use the Offshore trolling weights. I've used the 50/50 method with great success. 50' between lure and weight, then another 50' to the board(according to the directions on the box). This system was deadly for me this spring on the fingerlakes.
  9. Gotta love those thick Seneca landlocks! Beautiful fish, nice Job. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Nice bows, how deep of water were you fishing?
  11. Haywire twist, look on the fish doctors website he has some very good videos
  12. Been there. I snagged the intake pipe for Bolten point water supply on Cayuga lake. Rigger line broke under tension and almost took my head off.
  13. Wow great catch. Big difference in the size of the mouths on those two fish. Very cool
  14. What body of water are you fishing? I use Chamberlins because I fish the fingerlakes and they release on all fish, even a 9" laker..
  15. Nice job. Its always nice to hear a good report from Owasco. Its one of my favorite fingerlakes.
  16. Check you "Fish Doctor charters" Website, ALOT fo great info here http://www.fishdoctorcharters.com/template.tpl?selector=video
  17. You need a constant 12v to your bilge float, the float being your switch. It doesn't really matter where it comes from. There are a couple ways to wire a bilge but a single pole toggle will work to turn your pump on/off manually. here are a couple diagrams that are helpful. They show single and two pole switch wiring methods http://seaproforum.proboards.com/thread/1960/rule-wire-question-ground-issue
  18. I've never caught a bow on a flasher fly rig. What kind of fly if u don't mind asking? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Spend the loot and get it done right. I have a 11lb Fingerlakes Brown on my wall that I requested to be done in "Lake colors" . It looks like a Landlock Salmon... I really don't even like looking at it.
  20. Congrats Joe on a new personal best. That's a hog of a Fingerlakes Laker!
  21. Don't get me wrong I love to reel in fish but I get a kick outta putting people on fish and letting them reel it in. There faces are priceless and most of the time its there biggest fish ever.
  22. http://www.syracuse.com/outdoors/index.ssf/2014/07/moravia_angler_teams_with_granddaughter_to_land_huge_lake_trout_on_skaneateles_l.html
  23. Hermit is correct. Barneys bait and tackle in Myers park in Lansing sells 1oz - 1 1/2oz jig heads and some limited plastics. The 1oz heads are made by a local guy that used high quality hooks. there 3$ each The 1 1/2oz hooks didn't look so hot if I remember correctly.
  24. Wow, that puts my mount to shame. That's really nice. Grats to the angler.
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