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  1. That is a awsome fish! I love seeing huge browns from the fingerlakes and Hemlock is such a small lake too.
  2. Congrats on your new boat. I love my Penny!
  3. Congrats on 2nd place. 21lb laker or brown won the tourney?
  4. Here is Central NY April 15th as a good rule of thumb is a good date to un-winterize. Even if your parking your boat in a slip your water jacket on your motor will always be out of the water. I will keep a work light on hand and even a old blanket to through over my motor while its in its slip. My motor is a 3.0l so draining the water jacket is very simple. Im always VERY aware of the temps outside around this period. As mentioned above low 20's would scare me!
  5. Nice to meet ya. Good luck out there!
  6. Im glad I bought GPS this year. Being able to read your coordinance to the coast gaurd or a fellow boater may save your life out there! Be Safe!
  7. Ive been seeing alot of Lampreys in the 6-8" range also.
  8. First off, Im not Captain. It sounds like he should have stayed out in deeper water till he got past you. But If he completed his turn and then came straight at you must yield to him. If the the shoreline in on his right, he has the right of way. Maybe he didnt see you?
  9. Ive also heard th fishing was slow and the water is still very cold. Anyone have any surface temps?
  10. QUOTE On the walleye, what we are seeing and I have caught in fall creek is a particular year class that was put in without permission. Any other haphazard catch come from a now abundant population in the Seneca river that get into the lake on occasion. There is no reproduction in Fall creek by those that do come up in the Spring. Could you please explain to me how you came up with this answer? Ive caught 13lb hens that were about ready to pop!
  11. Any discussion on the topic of smelt on Cayuga? Im not sure what they could do beside close the season...
  12. Ive been catching alot of fish with lampreys on them within the last 2 weeks. The lampreys were all around 6-8" long. Unlike the monsters that were being caught last summer/fall.
  13. Any discussion about Hydrilla, Lampricide treatments, stocking adjustments or walleye reproduction on cayuga?
  14. Sounds good. I was hoping it would be closer to ithaca or the other side of the lake. Bear already has bait in that town :/
  15. My buddy always yells "FLAG DOWN!" when were ice fishing...
  16. Congrats! Thats one hell of a nice pike Where you using perch minnows? Pike are one of my favorite fish to eat! Great fish
  17. The Bait holders I use are these Rhys Davis Limited teasers
  18. If you come to fish in June you can scoop your own bait! All the creek mouths are loaded with Alewives that time of year.
  19. Mr. Hobbit, I know your pain. I too have to wait till spring. I'm sure most people do. I wanna hit the water so bad right now Id pay all expenses on someone else's boat... I sure wish I still had my little 14' with 25hp outboard still. I was out all the time.
  20. Congrats Scott on your new Personal Best Rainbows x3!! It was nice shooting the breeze with you streamside. You definatly put your time in! Cya in the spring ^.^ -Jim
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