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  1. 3/16 rivet with 5200 on it?
  2. Made my own with a scotty down rigger release and electrical taped the lead around the handle.
  3. I wouldn't recommend lighting a flare near your body or over the deck of the boat either, my uncle knew a guy in the fire dept. that lit one and the end broke off and went down into his boot. If that happens on the water there is no way you're picking it up and putting it overboard.
  4. If they ask to come aboard and you grant permission they have every right to look for any and all safety equipment. You can deny but it puts a target on your back if you are in an area they frequent. Also if you are trolling and snaking left to right it can be probable cause for impaired driving. I have granted them permission and had flares out of date and just told me to get new ones. Nothing big, only thing they could've cited me for. Other time they didn't ask to see flares, and the 3rd time we were in 5' waves trolling and they wanted to board I told them no you checked me last month (which they did) and asked if we had life preservers for everyone and stated yes and they moved on. Don't give them an attitude and they leave you alone most of the time.
  5. Maybe one of these https://www.iboats.com/shop/garelick-horizontal-platform-mount-stationary-outboard-motor-brackets.html Not sure if this would be strong enough. https://marineproducts.net/deck-mount-trolling-motor-bracket/
  6. Is that kicker going to be big enough to push your boat? Judging by the main you have a 16'-18' fiberglass and the kicker looks like a 4hp 2 stroke. I would venture that the kicker won't do a whole lot for you and would end up running your main in any sort of chop/wind. I would try to mount the kicker a lot closer with different mount. The mount on the boat looks like it has 2 hinged portions. A deck mounted bracket would work a lot better and should still put the prop into clear water. How about a picture from the back of the boat showing how low the kicker prop is below the bottom of the boat.
  7. I've been reading and my issue might be the Ignition Sensor. Mine is a bit rusty and might be contributing to the higher rpm miss. So it idles fantastic I mean it will just sit there for hours and get up to ~2800 rpm then start popping out the carb. The original owners said fuel issue but I ran it off a remote tank and had exact same issue as being hooked up to the big tank.
  8. No points has the thunderbolt system. I'm planning to start simple and go with plugs and wires. Cap and rotor look real good. Was also thinking maybe a fuel issue. Re-power is out of the question, still quite a bit more than fixing the current motor and outdrive. Even if I had to get a new long block and fixed the outdrive I would be less than a used 250hp outboard with bracket. When I was comparing it would be around $8500 for a outboard re-power if that was what you were referring to. The shop said $1000 for a used upper housing with new seals. The motor I can get a short block for $800 and heads are cheap from salvage yards and I can rebuild myself. Compression is solid on all cylinders no extra steam or air coming from the valve covers so there shouldn't be excessive blowby.
  9. Just wanted to give a little update. The upper housing input bearings and shaft are shot. Marina had a used unit that was in real good shape going to re seal and sell it for $1k. Motor runs but the original flywheel was toasted so had to pull the motor and replace that. Well after installing it all the starter that was in it toasted the flywheel ring gear again so back out it the motor is coming and getting a new starter. Motor seems to run well up to 3k then starts to break up popping and stuttering. Any ideas on the popping and stuttering im all ears. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Might as well leave them until next year. Also from what I have read the dam can only open up to 10,200 cms under the new 2014 plan. Not sure what the reasoning is maybe for the downstream flooding.
  11. I've been following a group on there about the flooding. There are a lot of gates they could open if they really wanted to.
  12. Saw that the other day. Pretty impressive.
  13. Sad part is that it probably isn't too far fetched for what they have come up with so far.
  14. A few more pictures.
  15. If you're referring to Wrights Landing, last I heard it is closed. It might be the Marina but I think it is all closed. Only other launch in Oswego is under the bridge but I know nothing about that launch.
  16. You aren't kidding, I was surprised they made sure to leave out the St. Lawrence. of all places. I would have thought the river and bays would be the mandatory areas for the speed restrictions.
  17. If it is your motor turning you can tighten the bolt on the mounting plate. It will make steering a little stiffer but should work. You just loosen it when you don't plan on trolling.
  18. Here is the site I got my info from: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-declares-state-emergency-eight-counties-impacted-lake-ontario-flooding Here is the part depicting what is required: The Governor also directed the Commissioner of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to implement a 5 mile per hour speed limit, where the Commissioner finds it appropriate, to control wakes along the Lake Ontario shoreline in the affected counties as part of the state's ongoing response to coastal flooding in the region. Beginning today, vessels operating within 1,000 feet of shore, unless otherwise directed by a County Declaration, must observe a 5 mile per hour speed limit to reduce impacts to shoreline residences and infrastructure caused by wave action and to promote safe boating. The no wake zone does not apply to communities along the St. Lawrence River.
  19. When I read the state of emergency it said it does not apply to communities along the St. Lawrence River and no wake 5 mph limit within 1000' of shore for the lake only. I'm sure there has to be one on the river but I haven't come across it yet.
  20. You should be able to fish some walleye that time of year around grenadier along with smallmouth on the shoals.
  21. TTT $2500 without autopilot.
  22. Do you have any experience with the Si-tex autopilot drive? Would it be able to turn the wheel while the engine is off? I run a kicker and wouldn't have the main (I/O) running.
  23. I'm hoping for less but you're right even 5" is not going to be good. Yeah i heard the same thing. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. What are you all hearing about water levels? I talked to a few people and they had read or heard 11 more inches by the end of the month. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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