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  1. I was reading the Farmer's almanac forecast the other day and they are calling for a cooler summer with rain. I'm hoping this isn't a repeat of last summer, I felt like all it did was rain. Anyway, anyone hearing any different reports?
  2. Which bracket? Mine says it will hold a 20hp 2 stroke but can't have a 4 stroke mounted to it. I would think it would still work for a 4 stroke.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if it peaked 22" above the average by the end of the month.
  4. TTT for a good deal.
  5. Last i heard they were calling for 11" higher. It seems like it has been going up about 4" every couple days. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Thanks, im not looking to screw anyone. I figure if someone wants a cheap boat that will get them on the water so be it. If i don't get any takers this year I'll cut her up and sell the motor, trailer and accesories. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I run 3, I try to get the 2 side riggers as far forward as I can then run the 3rd as close to center as possible. The center rigger is usually my probe rigger.
  8. Well It saddens me to sell her but acquiring a new to me boat and I don't have the time, room, or money for both. This boat has caught a lot of fish and kept myself and others comfortable in rough seas. Great fishing platform with tons of room to fight fish. I am selling my '81 Proline 23' walk around cuddy with '88 Johnson 150hp and trailer. Boat works as it should. The transom is solid and was replaced by previous owner how long ago I don't know. I'm selling this boat without electronics, auto pilot, rocket launchers, large cooler or cannon downriggers. I will include a Walker Lake troll downrigger with 2 10lbs. fish weights, and homemade planer board mast, Humminbird 727 FF (just not hooked up) I'll throw in a couple life preservers too nothing special just those orange horseshoe. The motor runs great, compression is good I tested it 2 seasons ago for chits and giggles. The shift cable was replaced last year with the Teleflex Xtreme. I can sea trial the boat if you would like she is still registered I think through this year maybe the next. Trailer has registration and a little long for the boat but fits it great otherwise. The hull handles the big water fantastic, I fish the east end where probably 85% of the time we have rough water and she doesn't miss a beat. This price also includes the trailer with like new tires (no dry rot and at least 90% tread left) and registration. This boat has treated myself and my family well and I had every intention of rebuilding it and using it as a tourney boat but don't have the extra time or money at this point in my life. I don't B.S. anyone so if you have questions ask. I'm basically selling for the price of the motor, trailer, and hydraulic steering. If you aren't sure what it comes with or want something let me know call or text me @ (315) 521-5006.
  9. No I ended up pulling the exhaust manifolds. I got her running without the manifolds, I didn't run her long just enough to make sure she ran. So the motor definitely isn't locked up and not really running too bad. I think there is a short in the wire from the solenoid to the starter. I ended up running the wire from the key switch to the starter and she fired. 20190508_180553.mp4
  10. I had an idea of where they go but that is pretty cool. Also neat to see they school like we had already thought they did similar to their cousin Yellow Perch.
  11. Well I got the wiring all figured out, man was that a mess. I'm so happy I had a test light otherwise it would have taken forever. Before I was getting nothing to the starter or the solenoid but now I'm getting power all the way to the starter. I pulled the starter and bench tested it and it was fine working as it should. I will move the one ground to the block and see if that helps things and re-install the starter and see how it all goes. Fingers crossed I can get this thing up and running this week.
  12. Awesome! Those are some pigs for sure.!
  13. Pro-line 241 mechanics special, boat & trailer. All it cost me was the gas and food money to go pick it up. Just need to fix the lower unit and get the motor running, it's an I/O so we will see. One of those free boats but cost you $3000 to get it operating kind of things.
  14. Little update on the outdrive: So I was able to do a little trouble shooting on the locked up motor. I got the boat home Saturday (34 hours in 2 days is a truck is a long time driving) I pulled the outdrive off and was able to turn the motor over by hand. Good news is the motor isn't locked up like the P.O. had thought. Bad news is something in the upper housing something isn't working correctly and won't allow the input shaft to turn. I pulled the upper and back cover removed the shift fork assembly to get a better view. The gears look mint no teeth missing with a couple spots of surface rust (no pitting). Only problem is I can't get the input shaft to turn like something is binding. I'll pull the input shaft to see what the deal is with that. When I pulled the upper housing from the lower it looks like the upper section didn't have much oil in it and what was in there was milky. The lower section has good oil that is not milky. The Bravo 1 fills from the bottom up like all others but shares the same fluid in the top and bottom housings. My thought was the guy didn't fill it from the bottom and when it started to come out the bottom hole they plugged it and called it done. Without having it apart I think the upper housing input bearing is toast and locked up the upper. I ordered the spanner wrench and should be in on Wednesday, I'll pull the input shaft and update.
  15. Don't do it, I did it to my kicker and it broke within a month there just isn't enough meat in the cast plate. You might get away with it if you built a separate plate and attached that to the cav. plate then attached the ball mount to the plate. I tried just mounting the ball in the cavatation plate and it bent the plate and broke the fin.
  16. I have a 1988 johnson 150 I would be interested in selling if you want the baystar hydraulic steering ram I can throw that in too. If you're interested let me know. EDIT: I have a set of controls for it too side mount and binnical take your choice.
  17. My father in law has been keeping me updated and has said the same. He has everything on a short lease and at a moments notice can get his stuff high and dry. We didn't even bother putting in our stuff this season yet after last years surge. High but not un manageable yet. If you're on facebook "Chaumont Hardware" usually posts pictures and reports regarding the water levels and bay conditions. To a point but from the amount of people that were fishing the ice the winter there is no way that they couldn't be hurting the population. I was out the last weekend of the season and there must have been over 200 shantys. If only 1/2 of them caught 1 walleye and kept it you can't tell me that won't hurt the next 2 years offspring. From what I have heard from the locals that fish up there there wasn't many weekends that there weren't 100 shantys on the ice. I prefer the open water only because I know the fish have done there thing. Just for perspective my colleague did a trout hatching for DEC he started with 100 fry now at around 58 established fish. The DEC figures a 50% mortality rate when hatching fish and that is perfect conditions they figure a 5% max survival for any wild hatched fish and that doesn't include once they make it into the big water. That was nuts, we got into camp at 8pm and everything was well the sun set and all hell broke loose. We lost every dock section but 1, my boat was filled with water up to the gunnels in the back, and my 2 neighbors had their docks completely flipped over and beating against their boats. It was one heck of a surge. The bait was in the bay forever last year too. The perch fishing, walleye and even bass wasn't all that great. I can usually get into some good numbers of walleye up on the St. Lawrence but even there last year was tough.
  18. I'll be fishing somewhere on the lake but not until 2nd weekend. Making a trip to FL opening weekend to pick up the new walleye slayer.
  19. Going to get some curtains made?
  20. Yup, should implement a slot limit during the winter months. I won't get on my soap box but there is a lot that should be done.
  21. I do but it is at the back of the motor attached to one of the heads. There are 2 large gauge grounds one has got to be 6 gauge and the other a little smaller guessing 8 gauge. I cut away the years of cobbled up electrical tape to chase wires. The main harness is all intact just stuff added and a couple splices. I will be putting wiring back to stock including new distributor. Seems like most everything is hooked up with a couple things I have to trace back to figure out why they were tapped in where they were. I found a service manual online (Mercruiser service manual 24) for the 2bbl 4bbl carbed 305 (5.0) and 350 (5.7) that I have been using for a reference on the wiring.
  22. You already mentioned it the only way to be successful is to put in your time searching. The spring is becoming more and more difficult to catch fish with the amount of fish being caught through the ice. The guys that are successful year in and year out are the ones that have been on the water for years and rarely give up any good info. If something isn't working then switch it up don't keep doing the same thing. I usually only troll stickbaits off boards.
  23. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'll try any and all for the tools o have at my in laws. After i get to my tools I should be able to get this thing figured out better. So for an update. The starter looks somewhat new but not sure if it's a marine starter or not. I was able to get the starter to turn using the jumper method but the bendix wouldn't engage. I'm guessing it has set up. I pull the exhaust manifolds and plugs to take a look and see if there are any signs of foul play and they looked good. I think something at the back of the motor is screwed. I got the starter to kick out twice (by pure luck) but sounded like it was grinding on the flywheel. So not sure whats going on. It is looking like i need to pull it all and inspect. Best case scenario right now is I'll need to replace some gaskets worst case new short block. Anyone know where the neutral safety switch is? I'll try and keep everyone updated with the progress. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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