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  1. I caught this freak perch in Tioga, PA last week.
  2. After reading all these posts I have to agree with all of them. "To Mount or Not To Mount. That is the Question." A question I am struggling with now. To get a replica of a 30 inch (10lb) walleye I caught in December last year. I wish I could bottle up the euphoria I had when I first laid eyes on the fish. I hear often that it should have been mounted. Will it mean as much to me when I catch a bigger one. I do not know. The subject header is spot on. What do you consider a wall hanger? I set the bar high for me because, personally, I like memories more and it balance is skewed because the cost of the taxidermist. I am sure almost everyone who reads this can tell a story (or many) that represents much more accurately what happened that specific day. This is why I have to read the fishing reports. I don't even like trolling, or ice fishing, or musky fishing, but I love to read and hear the reports. I am addicted to it...
  3. That drainage shed needs rain. Very low and very clear. I have not been there since 3-12 and there are a lot of visible fish down by the lake. I didn't see any bullheads. A lot of 3 ft pike and 4 inch panfish. This year is funny. I bet bass fishing in the lake is hot right now. I would like to know if some fish have moved up into the stream. I would like to take my kid up to the falls to watch them try to get into the swamp. I went last year and it really got my blood pumping watching 4 foot pike trying to get over the falls and smacking at the little bluegills that get too close.
  4. As of March 12th nothing was up in the creek. It was real low and very clear. We saw a lot of Pike down at the lake/stream boundary. A nice warm drenching rain will definitely bring them in. They may have to make the trek anyways. Nature calls...
  5. Do not know with certainty but the story I have been told is that its time to let them out of the pens when the start eating each other.
  6. First thing I thought was, this is not an Ontario stream but then I realized it must be a Canadian stream - No pitch Forks or swearing. Very calming video. It would have been nice to watch them diggin and fighting but the overall quality was very good. I enjoyed it.
  7. I do really well with P-line. I refuse to buy Berkley Vanish. They claim they reformulated but I had to throw the stuff away before. I will have to try Seagaur.
  8. I set my trophies pretty high. I have caught plenty of fish others have said that I should have gotten mounted but that would come from my fishing budget. I would rather keep fishing than relive yesterday's catch. Also, I like to let bigger fish go and keep what I call the eaters. I caught a lot of browns and a few rainbows that were easily over 10lbs this year from the tribs but they all went back. I kept a few that were much smaller instead for the dinner table. Brown = Fall run male over 15# with a hook and a knob - good spawning colors with slight chrome. Rainbow/Steel = Fall run male over 15# with a hook and a knob - good spawning colors with slight chrome. Laker = + 20lbs a big fat slob - not a strong lean fish. Coho = not sure depends on the beauty of the fish. King = 30lb + male with good fall run spawn colors (not black but olive with spots, hook and knob) Atlantic = over 12# male with good spawn colors (hook and Knob) Brooky = depends on the fish. Warm water fish. Slab = 4lbs Perch = 20" Bronze back 6+lbs Large mouth 10lbs pike 4ft musky 5ft Eye 33" preferrably with a full abdomen of eggs and fish Striper 4ft preferrably with a full abdomen
  9. I keep opening this thread just to look at that trout. That is some amazing fish please no. The only thing that could make that better is if a Swim Suit model was holding it awkwardly... Well done sir,,,
  10. Last day to go chase them before May 5th. I was there Sunday and Monday. Lots of small pan fish in the lower inlet. water is low and way clear. I caught a 30 incher on Sunday but nothing would take on Monday. We need rain. My general rule is if you can see the fish, they can see you so much better. I saw the tigers up by the swamp as well. Is this where they are released?
  11. What works on Monday for eyes may not work on Tuesday. I would share more but I really have not figured it out yet. I am still learning. It may take years. I covered a lot of water on Sunday (6 hrs) and caught a little one. A few days earlier I caught half a dozen, a few were keepers, in an hour. Every day is different - The only thing I am certain about. They do not like light so your best time of day is usually morning or evening and very cloudy days. I think optimum temp is in the 40's. They tend to slow bite with 30s degree water so you will get fewer hook ups. Bait is bait. Walleyes are oportunistic so you can catch them on just about anything. However, I am guessing that the live bait availlable is what you want use depending on the season. For example. Don't use frog or crayfish in the winter. Go with a minnow. In the spring, go with leaches and worms. A lot of older experienced walleye fisherman do not leave their house til ten pm and come home around 3am. If you like fishing in pitch black, you will catch more walleyes. Wait til summer and you can catch both bass and eyes with rapalas. Good luck.
  12. This Video is from Wisconsin. http://autos.aol.com/article/36-cars-fa ... ing-grid10
  13. They are biting now, but very slowly. My cousin caught one Sunday fishing for walleyes (out of the river - that river in Corning) Give the water temp 10-15 degrees more and they should really turn on. We were putting a hurt on them all the way up til Christmas and then the cold spell (if you can call it that) shut it down.
  14. Definitely changing the rainbow limit in the western FLs. I am not surprised. Last year there was a lot of talk about stocking rainbows in Catherine Crk. This may be a stupid question but it is Monday morning. Are the changes proposed for next calendar year or effective immediately? It does say proposed.
  15. Just wondering if anybody has any knowledge of the lake/launch conditions at Conesus. In a normal year, I am guessing that this would be in the ice fishing section, however, there is a lot of open water around the state. I know they lowered the lake too, so is the boat launch accessible/useable? Is there skim ice or is it open to boating? Please PM me (or post). It is an 1hr drive for me to find out the hard way. Thanks...
  16. FYI, found this on line -BBC boards. It's only TWO baits per line on Champlain, so even the 3 hook alabama rig is illegal. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/31510.html Our club emailed the DEC and verified the 5 hook A-rig is legal in NY. Here was the repsonse. I have been asked to provide you with an official ruling of the Alabama Rig. As it turns out, this seams to be a popular question these days thanks to Paul Elias' tournament victory. The Alabama Rig can be used in New York waters provided that no more than 5 lures or baits are used per line and the number of hook points shall not exceed 15. Some waters have special regulations that restrict the number of hook points to a single hook point and regulate the method of attaching a hook to an artificial lure. Obviously, those special regulations must be followed on waters where they exist. I should also mention that it is now legal to use 3 lines to angle in freshwater. The definition of angling in the Environmental Law was changed to allow 3 lines in freshwater after the current fishing regulations guide was in print. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Gregory Edward Kozlowski Fisheries Outreach Coordinator NYSDEC 625 Broadway Albany, NY 12233 (518)402-8896
  17. Awesome post! Love the fish pics too! With the warmer than normal winter the pike might be staging to spawn ??? Seems way too early but it is an off year for winter weather.
  18. I do not know why numbers of smelt have declined. I have heard several plausible theories (no comment). I do not spend a lot of time on Seneca lake but I have seen them occassionally in the spring. When I was a kid, my Dad and Grandpa would go get them in 5 gal pals and we (the whole family) would spend the next day cleaning them. Scissors and old tooth brushes. Some got Frozen, Some got Canned. I kinda miss it. I don't want 5gallons. Maybe a doz or 2. Homemade tartar... The lampreys run the creeks in May. A few years ago I took some time to Snag some and put my boot on them. I have not met a person yet who has caught a salmonoid or even a bass that said it was cute to see their game fish with a hole in the side. A guy I work with tries to get a group together every year to go after them on Catherine. He really hates them. I don't know how the DEC feels about targeting them. They generally want all the control of our fisheries left up to them - because they are experts in the field. I do not mind killing them when the opportunity presents itself.
  19. I do not know where I read it, but the article was referring to removal of the skin, the lateral fat line, the back fat and the belly would remove most of the problem areas if the fish was contaminated. Types of fish are different. Apex predators have more contaminates because the contaminates are passed through the food chain and are magnified. Bottom feeders have more because they eat things from the bottom where contaminates settle. Pan fish are probably the best option. My general rule is to let the big ones and the illegal ones swim away (except ho's and Kings - ages are similar) I call them eaters (keepers) and breeders (mountable). I eat a lot of fish but I am glad that my kids do not like it yet. The LD 50 of an adult is so much higher than that of a child. People are familiar with lead poisoning. The same idea works with contaminated fish too. When I worked with Litharge back in the 90s I was told to keep my work clothes separate from my family and pets living areas. I would say eat fish from NY and skip eating fish from China. Joe
  20. Reading all of these recipes made me hungry so I decided to add one of my own. If I do not communicate something well, please ask for clarification. I like to make a venison dish with round steaks/roast. When I butcher my deer, I tend to be fussy and remove all fascia, ligaments, vessels, and fat and freeze the entire muscle whole. I do this so I can keep the meat from freezer burn and also it can be cut more uniformly when it is half thawed. When removed from the freezer, I usually let it defrost overnight in the refridge and next day take it out, unwrap and cut to a desired size. I plan on cutting after cooking but want as much marinade or dry rub to touch the meat so I cut into manageable pieces for the grill grate. I use things that i can pick up at the local Wegmans and assemble. My list: roughly 4lbs clean venison (I use rounds) Marinade or dry rub 1 bag frozen onions chopped 1 bag frozen peppers chopped 1 bag frozen spinach (chopped) 2 jars Wegmans salsa (I use tomato or chipotle) 1 can sliced jalepenos 1 can sliced chilis 1 Box Orzo fresh red onion several Scallions. fresh mushrooms (sliced and clean) optional Garlic, pepper, Basil butter Olive oil Start by treating the venison. Age it at least three days with the marinade or rub of your choice. Keep it chilled. Grill to well but not dry. Carmelize the onions first butter olive oil. Add to a large crockpot. Fry-cook the spinach/green peppers add the jalepenos and chilis and place into the crock pot. Cook the Mushrooms by adding butter and olive oil to a pan. Add mushrooms, then finish with granulated garlic, black pepper, sweet basil. I fry intensely and keep flipping in the pan to sear the fresh mushrooms. I add this to crock pot. I cook the orzo aldente and add to the crock pot. Cut the venison into bite size pieces and add. I also add the two jars of salsa. I mix it all together. I chop the scallions and red onion (1/4 - 1/2 cup) and place on top and do not mix. Cook on low for a few hours. I eat it at this stage but I have wanted to try making wraps using sour cream and taco sauce and grated cheese. I know a lot of people like using rounds for their jerky - excellent idea. This is just something I developed to give me one more venison dish to eat. It has received good reviews so far. Who knows... maybe it will end up in a Adirondack Cook Book.
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