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  1. Kinda reminds me of that Simpsons episode. Series 2 | Episode 4 | Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish Bart and Lisa catch a three-eyed fish in a polluted stream near the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, bringing scads of negative publicity to Mr. Burns. In order to fight the bad press, Burns decides to run for Governor, enlisting a team of spin doctors. But all the spin doctors in the world can't fix Mr. Burns' major blunder when, on live TV, Marge serves him a three-eyed fish for dinner and he finally coughs up his true feelings about pollution. (I looked up the details)
  2. I was fishing in a snagging hole in May. I was not snagging. I am simply saying that in October this hole is surrounded by snaggers daily. I thought I saw a steelhead or 2 from the wall and dropped down to try it. I chose angle worms for bait. I caught a lot of suckers and about a dozen King par of about 5 inches before I finally caught a steelhead. Judgin by what I have been told, I thought most reproduction was done by the hatchery or the salmon river. I know the water is good enough for them to grow to 5 inches. I do not know how many of them get through to the lake. All I am saying is that the fish are spawning successfully. How much of the young are a forage fish is what I do not know.
  3. I admire your persistence. Colder water is coming. Try again next month. I went walleye fishing for the first time (summer) yesterday and ended up having a legendary day of smally fishing. We caught two small eyes but they were for the most part mouthing the bait. The smallies were starting to pack the bait in 2 and 3 at a time. They were spittin them out when we pulled them out of the water. Walleyes will be turning on soon. Muskies and pike should follow suit. Good luck.
  4. 1.)A captain that cares about your fishing trip should get a little extra. 20% seems good to me. I do not punish the wait staff for what the chef did so I am not going to punish the captain for what the weather is doing or what the fish aren't doing. An excellent way to determine how good of a captain/host etc. your charter is by knowing how much repeat business he has. If you don't do well and you get back to port and the other boats did well and you like the Captain... You still should give him something but you may not want to book him again. 2.)I do not fish tournaments (not why I fish) yet I do not see the problem of spending a little more for the chance of winning. It also sounds like the captain has something to gain from putting the boat on the fish. Anyone in the boat can grab the rod after it pops. So if a non LOC pulls in the winner the Capt. stands to lose out on publicity. His web page may look more inviting if he has the previous years derby fish on his home page. Good luck, fishing is pretty good right now.
  5. Please excuse me, I do not know a lot of the specifics, so I am going to ask this with a sophmore like attitude. How did they line in the estuary? I fished (estuary) in august a few summers ago and the water in the river was low and I do not see how this is possible. Also, They added the Estuary and the mouth to the trib rules last season, so this should be deterring the guys in the row boats with their snagging spoons. DSR claims to be fish friendly. I am more worried about them getting hung up above Pulaski. I agree that it would be a shame if the direction the fishery is going had a down turn. I have noticed a quality increase over the past few years. I won't mention the creeks, but a few of them have me worried about natural reproduction with levels what they are.
  6. Water is starting to cool down. They will start feeding heavier soon. Best time to catch them is when season is closed (unethical) and in the fall when they are feeding to bulk up for winter. Good luck. If it was easy to catch them consistently, they would be called bass. From Brockport, the closest areas you have are the Genny and Lake Alice (I fished neither for Walleye) but like everyone said there are much better places to fish them with higher percentage - just a little further.
  7. Never tried it, but I am guessing by the sheer numbers of browns spawning at the end of October into November, that hitting the water color change at the creek outlets would be hot. If it works on the piers, it should work out in the lake too.
  8. I dropped a few of those things today.
  9. I think a lot get caught around the cove. I caught one last year up at the power plant. They are in Lake Alice, so it would seem that they are coming from both directions. The story about the catches in Holley is a good example of why the DEC closes non trout streams while walleye season is closed. They are attempting to preserve the fishery - saving it from the "fisherman" who don't understand how the fishery rejuvenates. There are so many places for fish to spawn in Sandy, I would hope that not all of the fish went up to the falls. The numerous miles for them to spread out would give them a better shot at reproducing. I think that is why the trout do well in sandy.
  10. I'll add this to the list of things that make me go hmmmmm,,, I agree that bass seem to be tougher than most fish, however, I think all sunfishes and perches are fairly tough. As for the original question, I have released some fish that swam off and then much later have resurfaced on their side. If you moved since it was released, you would probably never know. I was battling a slow bite/adults vs a fast bite/juveniles last winter and I had hooked a little one in the gills. Too small to keep legally. I was torn, I kinda knew it wasn't gonna make it. It swam off and 20 minutes later came back up. It wasn't in my opinion bleeding that bad either. This same scenario I have seen with bass and trout as well. How do you make the call? Depends on the situation, I guess. I don't know. If it isn't legal to keep it, it should definitely go back. Not worth the chance of fine.
  11. I consider this a good night. I am still waiting for temps to come down some before I start after them. Thanks for posting.
  12. Awesome story. If that was my daughter, I would frame that picture -not just a 5x7. If I was sixteen, I would politely ask if I could help out on your boat. Your post makes me want to try harder to get my kids more interested in the outdoors. Thanks for posting.
  13. Could there be a connection to the theft of the boyscout leader earlier this year????... I hope so.
  14. IMO Salmon = not much difference. Trout = keep the barely legal and let the very large go.
  15. Good Question Nick. I am thinking that all boaters must follow the general laws. It is kinda like how bicycles stop at stop signs. I couldn't find anything in the NYS boaters manual but I pulled this off the Coast Guard site. â– Vessel includes every description of watercraft or other artificial contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transportation on water. How often do you see somebody get a ticket for using a battery operated motor on an unregistered canoe? I don't think they care that much. I could be wrong. IMO It seems that kayaks are the waterways version of the bicycle. If you run over them get ready to pay, but don't make them follow the laws. But like Ray said, tresspassing around a nuke plant or Government installation is completely different.
  16. Colored up like that, it looks as though it is ready to go up the creek. Nice fish.
  17. Ohhh No there goes Oswego... Go Go Godzilla...
  18. Jeremy Wade just called. He wants to do a River Monsters show on the St. Lawrence. I asked the captain I fished with on the hudson if they ever see bull sharks and he said no. He was located at Saugherties. Kinda suprised me since it is tidal waters. I do not know what makes them go up which water ways but I have always thought that a shark that could withstand freshwater could endup in Lake Ontario. If any of you fellas catch one, I will gladly accept some steaks.
  19. seems like they are closing more stream sections for the walleye spawn. I knew the rainbow regs were coming. I hope these changes doesn't have any severe circumstances for anybody on here. I think this is an attempt at long term benefit for everyone... Good luck.
  20. I was thinking about training a pet Eagle/Osprey. I got the idea watching the Mongolians chasing down Coyotes with Golden Eagles.
  21. Sounds like a good time. Please get pics for next post. I like to see those pigs.
  22. Try deep running crank baits around structure. Drop offs from dams, submerged creek channels. Best time is at dusk into night. I do not know speeds but I would try this with a gizzard shad pattern and make it noisy. This is one fish that I think the lunar cycle has an effect on so I would look at fishing forecast. Go in with low expectations. Every time I think I have them figured out, I don't. I also think smaller bait in spring and bigger bait in fall. Other than that I got nothing. Good luck.
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