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  1. I hear u about lots of misinformation on Climate change and global warming ETC..Some out right lies. Question u have to ask your self is who benifits form sitting back and doing nothing? Sure as heck isn't us, yet half of us believe its BS..I think if we all do a little checking we mite have different thoughts..Check this out when u have a few mins..Run up - Ca. ground water loss satellite images..Data from Nasa's satille shows some stunning images..I tell u this, these images aren't from every thing being ok..Have to remember this is just the begining of what can be a problem that is not checked can leave our next generation in a pretty tough spot..BTW alot has changed since all that BS came about through AL GORE...
  2. Interestingly this subject just came with an announcement from The Japan Meteorological Agency stating the 2014 was the hottest year in more than 120 years of record keeping..NOAA is expected to make a similar call in the next few weeks..As is NASA...Can understand anyone up north insisting its cold this winter..Check out how warm its been in the southern hemsphere, the last few years....Maybe to debate fairly all doubters produce their records and not their opinions..Also just heard sea bass are invading Jersey inland waters due to increase of water temps there..Somethings going guys and I fear its not for the best..
  3. Nice job with the jigging..Tell me are Gobies now common in the lake????
  4. Great pics specially the youngster's, can't beat it..Hers wishing you and yours a great New Years and lots of tite lines for 2015...
  5. If its a walleye over 5lbs your after, I doubt the ADKS are the place to do that..Since you seems to cover western NY..How bout a river trip to Oswago in the spring..They get stopped by the dam..And quite a few 5 to 10 lb eyes caught there every year..during their spring spawning run, just a thought, then again you probably have heard that one already.
  6. Hearing the words floaters and swirlers being spotted in different areas of the lake kinda of scary, 1990's had the whirling disease scare..Lets hope its something alot less damaging..
  7. The Adirondacks have tons of fishing adventures, but walleyes probably don't top the list , however Sacandaga would be my 1st choice in that area..Also has pretty fair Pike fishing, sleeper there is the trout fishery After that if you really want a challenge You hit Lake Champlain, walleye are there but its a huge lake and trout, salmon & small mouth bass probably number 1 one fisherman's list there..Good luck in your pursuit..
  8. Still not to late to get out and vote..Last poll had Cuomo ahead by over 20 points...
  9. Great fishing tips..Have u ever tried herring fillet wrap around the middel of your reef runners while trolling..Works great on the old Flatfish also.Filet herring real thin wrap around middle of lure tie off with dental floss..If lure has middle hooks remove it and wrap fillet seldom affects lure action...Tite Lines
  10. Thanks for pic of that sunrise LongLine...Best feeling in the world, to feel those sun rays hitting u on a cool morning..Can't believe this season is just about finished..Thanks again for sharing...
  11. Gambler has it figured just right guys..And if Sk8man is right about this year stayed focused on the bright side..Very soon what ever matures are out there will be in the areas they intend to spawn at....things may explode..If not there has been lots of bait pods and lots of trout including inmatures that will be here next year...Could be one of those off years..You old timers can remember bad spawn resulted in poor fishing for matures usually 3 to 4 years later..Keep your reports coming in...Keep records on what ur seeing out there..Start a diary if u haven't done..Compare notes end of season from all over the lake..give you all something really important to discuss here come winter..
  12. Great report, keep them coming I can't gt out for awhile yet so reading reports like these keeps the blood boiling, great job,nice pics, great report...Can't say enough specially this early in the season..
  13. Going to Canada is probably the dream of most if not every freshwater angler..You didn't mention if you had a preference of 1 or 2 particular species to pursue...Money I guessing now mite be a problem..If it is then I'd check out location in southern Ontario..Or maybe something like the Ottawa River system in Quebec..Now if your willing to spend 1000.00 or more then north western Ontario would be my choice...Too many great places to name...But I'd strongly advise going the extra few hundred for a few days with a local guide....The more you want to fish without a guide the more I'd advise hitting a river system..Big lakes Like Rainy, Mil Lac, Eagle lakes are huge in size tough to figure where to start...French River a good choice, Ottawa also along with the Pickerel river offer good fishing..Most anglers here will have some great advice...But keep in mind a guide can make your trip..Believe me I've gone the route u want to pursue...Good luck Let us know your results..
  14. Sorry here too Trout Bum, i also was referring to the Rockland show...
  15. If you don't mind the travel, its a decent ride...I'd say go I've have been to at least 25 or them mostly when they 1st started as was mentioned earlier gets really crowed on weekends, so best be prepared to be patient if u go Sat or Sun..On the plus side some of the best Charter skippers on the east coast plus Alaska and BC will be there..Can't beat their info and conversation..Good cure for cabin fever..Lots from Big Lake O..Salt water guys full of helpful knowledge they mite even talk u into a spring striper trip go with the flow and you'll be ok..Have fun For got to mention great guides for all types of hunting there also..
  16. My hats off to Ya Fleet, time spent in Afghanistan had to be tough tour..Had friends there one's back But PTDS is ruining his..life .Did 4 yrs myself US Army early sixties, probably b4 you were born...Think u have the wrong impression of me as I probably got of you..Never new any army guy to back off...LOL Both had to luv this country....Appears we look at things differenty....Maybe should talk more like one of the fellas mentioned back a few threads ago..With intelligence instead of anger..Any ways hope you give me time if I need it,,,,I know I'd pass it on to u ....Tite Lines..
  17. Fleet tracker: Thanks for the free advice...Wish I knew what the heck your talking about...Sounds like your so tough your going to take over the country..Lots of luck..By the way I wouldn't ask a blow hard like you for the time of day...
  18. Actually Sk8man, if u check through the forum you'll find Sk8man has an answer for everything posted,,Most of your comments are great and very helpful..But you the one slinging agitator coments around more than me..You supported the losing political group..means one thing where I come from, majority rules..But u keep slinging words around like communist government for one...Country being run by baboons....If so bad why u still here...lake O gets more fish stocked than any place on the east coast, license gets reduced..Still not happy..Tough figure...
  19. WOW: With things as bad as most of you guys claim..I'm surprised any of you are still living in the United States...Maybe another country will take u in, Complete with all your weapons of self defense and tons of ammo just in case..I wouldn't blame ya one bit..
  20. Actually the 2nd Amendment is based on The English bill of rights back in 1689, maybe some of u sports should be singing God Save The King...
  21. I really don't think you'll have to worry about crossbow hunters getting together to form drives. as they are bulky to carry through the woods while on a drive...Also It would be more likely to shoot from a stand, as its killing range isn't much over 30 yds, and be almost impossible to cock it and get a 2nd shot... Besides NY and Pa have deer herds that actually could use some thinning out so a few extra hunters mite not be so bad...Consider this from what I've heard NY state is going to or already has started steriling the doe population..If thats true then u hunters will have numbers going down next couple years and not because of crossbow hunters.
  22. I didn't think deer were that stupid to just walk up to a crossbow hunter and let hemselves get shot..But the compound hunter has to study, do push ups and get to in shape, then study all the moves the deer makes b4 they get a shot.. Something don't sound right there. ..Maybe the Pa deer aren't as smart as NY deer..Or maybe Pa hunters are just smarter..
  23. Dom: I hear ya I like the change too, I'm thinking just about every outdoors man that travels to NY like it...NY is a great state to fish & hunt..I'm form NJ, traveled to NY for fishing mostly since 1964, my best days afield have passed me by now..But i luv hearing you fellas discuss tactics about fishing and whats going in NY from the outdoor world....Heres a question for you guys----I've asked in at least 6 states and never got an answer..Also I didn't ask it to be smart either..Does it cost more to raise the fish that I catch when I come to NY than the fish that the resident anglers catch..If cost is the same why does every state charge the non resident more..Just something to kick around....About cross bows, I asked years ago..Cross bows and long bows were around hundreds of years b4 compound bows were created...Why make crossbow illegal? I hear that the female hunters and aging male hunters like them in the states that have legalized them..I have this feeling they will be here to stay...
  24. No question mental illness to blame in most multiple shooting cases...But I think poverty ( no jobs), heavy drug use. behind most gun violence..Need for drugs under the expense of the drugs today leads to crime as the only way to get money...Guess we'll have to all carry guns 1 day to try and stay safe..Then the trick will be how do u tell the good guys from the bad guys when every one is carrying a gun...Looks as if the solution is no guns, or too many guns so every 1 can shoot some one they afraid of...Good Lord..
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