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  1. David Petzal says the 7mm 08 is the best deer cartridge of all time. Jack O'Connor killed most everything in North America with a 270. There are many choices as far as rifles go. Plenty of calibers that will get it done. If you aren't going to reload I would choose something that is readily available with many bullet weight options. Handle as many different ones as you feel you need to. The last rifle I bought I thought I wanted a weatherby vanguard. I went and picked one up and was turned off immediately. I just didn't like the way it felt. I ended up with a tikka t3, and love it. Lots of options! Which can be part of the fun.
  2. Anyone have any experience with this platform or a similar quality sub moa rifle at the similar price point (about $1200)? I'm looking into either the 6.5 creedmoor or the 6.5 PRC, haven't decided which yet. I want one that can drive tacks but not weigh as much as a Prius.
  3. 120 gr Barnes ttsx over 40 gr of 4064. If not worried about lead: 140 gr Nosler Partition over 42 gr of 4064. Both out of a Tikka T3
  4. This I just don't get. Why do people cheat constantly? Do it the right way or don't do it. Poaching form the road is bad enough but doing it with a kid in the truck is just ludicrous. What are you teaching the kid? Thankfully the warden responded quickly and they were held accountable. Where is the excitement and challenge in shooting a deer from the truck?
  5. I have a 2008 Alumacraft Dominator 175 with a 115 e tec on it that I am contemplating selling. I have had it on both Ontario and Erie a well as many of the FLX. They are great boats.
  6. As far as the base goes. I just bolted on a cannon mounting plate to my gunnel and then bolted the tree to that. I can just pop the 4 bolts and take the tree off when ever necessary.
  7. Small world! I was the guy with the red Alumacraft talking to you guys at the Owasco launch on Sunday when we got off the lake. Sounds like you had a pretty good trip. Gotta love LOU!
  8. I've got the triples. They work well. If I could change one thing it would be to change the angle so the rod tubes were more vertical. In a smaller boat contact with the planer board line can be an issue.
  9. white w/ a hammer is pretty damn lethal anywhere.
  10. When running doubles has anyone ever experimented with the half weight on the inside keel versus the outside keel? Notice a difference either way?
  11. Walleye...Making happy freezers all over the north country!
  12. Just booked a trip with Black Rose Charter Fishing. (Thanks for the Tip Abe!) Looking forward to it! Ground fish, Porbeagle sharks, possible tuna and whatever else comes to play!
  13. If you are talking about the trees form Mads docks I have a set and I like them. Although I do not have the track base model. I mounted cannon base plates to my boat and bolt them to those, that way I can take them on and off in seconds and it leaves a wider base of support.
  14. DJ 17

    Air Fryer

    Tried the gator perch last night. Added Garlic and a little old bay to the pan searing flour and finished with Parmesan cheese. It was very good. One thing I would try differently on my end would be to sauté the garlic in the pan until its aromatic before I added in the tomatoes and capers. My kids housed it. I think that combo would be good over any fish. Thanks Gator!
  15. HOLY CRAP. 7x7 Bull of a lifetime
  16. Will the fleas usually come off when they hit the guide on the end of the boom or do you have to pluck them off every time?
  17. Ask who? Thanks for all the info so far! My kids would definitely enjoy clamming. The wife? Not so sure
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