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  1. The first couple pictures you get of a fisher are cool, but they are rough on small game population.
  2. Hard to come by a set of used ones but fishusa has them in stock. https://www.fishusa.com/Big-Jon-Otter-Boat-Planer-Boards/?sku=100716
  3. 1 year old cannon mag 10, I have added an extra rod holder. Used maybe 10 days. Asking 500.
  4. When the hatchery is striping eggs from the smaller fish because they are easier to handle it only makes sense their off spring will be smaller
  5. Fisherman21, were you catching them in closer today?
  6. Any recent reports out in front of the genny? Thanks
  7. First two hrs of the day and last two are the most productive. I’ve seen evenings as good or better than first light. Change speed and lures up to figure out what they want. Every day is different when dealing with staggers as they are picky!
  8. Northern kings are a heavy spoon. A fish hawk is a game changer but without one I would rather be trolling too fast than too slow. I’d go 3mph speed over ground. Try and keep your lines pulling straight so adjust your direction to do so.
  9. I’ve got one big Jon manual if that’s what you’re looking for
  10. Bob Songin posts a fishing report almost daily, check him out on facebook. Reel Excitement Charters. Good luck
  11. 1994 Thompson 240 305 merc v8 850hrs 9.9 Honda kicker four stoke fish hawk x4 helix 7 ff/gps 2 cannon mag 5 high speed marine radio CALL ONLY 607-968-5112
  12. Anything over a 10-12lb weight is awful hard on the older motors. Won’t take long and it’ll wear them out.
  13. Big Jon planner reel manual $100, will ship at buyers expense.
  14. I don't see where it would hurt anything as long as swivels don't get hung up!
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