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  1. has a line counter on the side like the other one
  2. The one with a long boom is a mag 10a, the other rigger is a digitroll, but the pad does not work so had a toggle switch to raise and lower like the other one. If you pay for the shipping and i get the money upfront that is fine.
  3. 2 electric cannon down riggers both in working order with swivel bases. $300 or best offer
  4. 12 gauge? Do you know if this fits a steoger?
  5. What helix units are you guys running? Also are you using the stock transducer or did you upgrade that? Thanks
  6. With not having a observer, will the pros be allowed to call fish? thanks!
  7. Following, have the same issues with the same fish finder. Seems to work great on Erie for the walleye. Go to Ontario and catch more fish then we mark. Also like the transducers aren't powerful enough for anything over 100 feet of water.
  8. Have been fishing Seneca lake with little to no success for lakers and I’m not equipped for salmon. Can anyone point me in a direction for lakers? Where do they typically hang out around the sodus area. thanks in advance!!
  9. Paul lost a lot of respect from that comment thought you were a class act guy.
  10. I have 350 on mine, not sure on the backing amount but have never been scared about being spooled
  11. Have a buddy selling a moor complete set. With two probes. Give him a call or text tomorrow 585-610-0580. his name is jeff. Thanks
  12. Here is the link and the same product number. E70320NAG looks like it has the north american gold chip. https://rm.factoryoutletstore.com/details/517814/raymarine-dragonfly-7-pro-gps/fishfinder-combo-e70320-nag.html?category_id=56410&catalogitemid=467914.
  13. Yes I believe it does I will double check when I get home.
  14. Brand new never opened. Raymarine dragon fly 7 pro sonar/GPS combo. $400. Will ship
  15. Depth Radar for sale in working condition. $135 or best offer.
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