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  1. Perhaps it's a wreck from the War of 1812? From "History of the Great Lakes" Events on the Niagara Frontier When the storm had subsided, preparations were made for a second attempt to invade the enemy's country. The river was narrow, and every open movement on one side was visible on the other. Lieut.-Colonel Chrystie with 350 men, regular soldiers, arrived at Four-mile creek late on the evening of the 10th, and hastened to headquarters, offering the services of himself and his men; but as the boats could not carry over more than had been selected to go, Colonel Chrystie was detained at Four-mile creek. There was also a strong force at Fort Niagara, all of which tended to deceive the British general as to where the attack would be made. Maybe it's an uncharted shipwreck from the War of 1812 standing straight up? http://www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca/GreatLakes/Documents/HGL/default.asp?ID=c011
  2. Best of luck this season Larry. Let me guess...5 1/2 jtd Wiley tomorrow?
  3. An interesting video about white oak and the USS Constitution. If you're interested, click on the Video Tutorial : White Oak http://www.woodworkerssource.com/wo84-p-lumber.html
  4. Captain Richard Hajecki has the best way to store divers IMO. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/49202-video-how-we-store-divers/
  5. I think this is a bit further east but it's the only thing I can see on my Navionics? Well that didn't work, anyway, it's 70' surrounded by 200' or so.
  6. If Jeff can't find one, I've used Scott's Bait and Tackle and they're wonderful people to deal with. If you need Penn parts, they probably have them. http://store.scottsbt.com/PennParts/622Swivelmatic.aspx
  7. Way back when before they sold Kers beer east of the Mississippi, my girlfriend, now my wife, the warden, was talking about getting married. So I took all my money ($600) out of the bank, bought a bus ticket to California and got out of town! I had friends in Denver so I stopped to visit and we went out for a beer. When the bartender asked me what I wanted, I said I'll have a Coors please. There's no mistaking that Boston accent I guess so he thought he'd have a little fun with me. He said What? Again I asked for a Coors. Three times he made me ask for that damn beer! Then as loud as he could he said, "you mean Kers!" I never drank another Kers again.
  8. Radar reflectors/deflectors or an aluminum pail hoisted high will help those big boats see you in the shipping lanes as well.
  9. just a thought...these Down East Salty double clamp rod holders work awesome and are reasonably priced. I've used them speed trolling 10" deep diving crankbaits for musky and for wire dipsy's as well. http://down-east.com/website_006.htm
  10. I run 4 riggers and a few other electronics from 1 of the 2 batteries that are wired in series for my 24 v trolling motor. The riggers are fused at the battery and it was suggested that I use the battery with the negative lead on it. I charge the batteries after each trip and so far in 2 seasons, no problems.
  11. If you have a slow speed drill you can cut the tip off a cue-tip and stick the cut end into the drill and polish slowly using toothpaste or better yet jeweler's rouge. A brass tumbler would polish them up nicely too.
  12. I baby my reels too when it comes to servicing them but I made the mistake of reading what some other guys do to Hot Rod their reels and now I go way overboard cleaning and polishing the spool bearings, shaft and any metal surface that creates friction, slowing the free spool down. Now keep in mind this is not necessary to service a reel, it's just my OCD kicking in. I've even cut the tip off of a cue-tip, put the cut end in a drill and polished the pinion gear with toothpaste to get more free spool. I also remove the bearing shields, clean the bearings out with Brake Cleaner fluid, a drop of Tsi lube, put the shields back on the bearings and they're like new again. I've heard a lot of good things about TT's, but I'm also convinced Reelguy is just as good.
  13. My wife ran away with my best friend. Boy I miss him!
  14. Dawn at smoothdrag is a sweetheart and goes out of her way to help...awesome company!
  15. I'm pretty sure Cabela's higher end reels are made by Daiwa, that said, I try to buy from the small local guys myself.
  16. This reel schematics database is handy to identify parts. http://www.reelschematic.com/schematics.php
  17. Hope this helps http://alantani.com/index.php?topic=2462.0 One thing you might try is folding a paper towel several times over to form a strip and thread the line thru the paper towel, Intertwine the whole thing between your fingers to and squeeze to put tension on the line as you reel it onto the spool. Does that make sense?
  18. I would only add that it's real important to keep that wire or any line for that matter, directly under the line guide as you deploy or reel in your wire. If that wire's coming off the spool on the opposite side of the line carriage guide, a tremendous amount of stress is placed on the tiny pawl the rides in the grooves of the worm and moves the line carriage guide back and forth winding the line evenly on the spool. If the line carriage guide and wire are out of sync, it may cost you the fish of a lifetime, not to mention a reel repair bill.
  19. I've always been interested in sunken ships and such so all I did was a Bing image search for old swords and got lucky. From what i can gather the Remington Rolling Block rifle was a popular gun back in the day. My best guess is that someone had it aboard a vessel that sank. Here's a bit more about the rifle it came off of. http://milpas.cc/rifles/ZFiles/Single%20Shot%20Cartridge%20Rifles/REMINGTON%20ROLLING%20BLOCK%20RIFLE/REMINGTON%20ROLLING%20BLOCK%20RIFLE.htm#THE_REMINGTON_ROLLING_BLOCK
  20. It sure does look like this one http://www.antiqueswordtrader.co.uk/european-bayonets/509-remington-m1869-sword-bayonet.html
  21. Well, at least the good news for Jets fans is Rex has moved on to Buffalo and won't be leaving his starting QB in, in a meaningless pre-season game. The guys a genius! And Brady by the way, has twice settled for less money than he contracted for...for his team. This was a sting from the get go starting with Harbaugh.
  22. This is a farce and I take back everything I said about not defending my home team. 1-The Ravens told the Colts to complain about the footballs because John Harbaugh was mad Tom Brady told him to “learn the rulebook†after whining about our formations. 2-The NFL planned on checking the air pressure of the footballs before the game started. 3-The NFL risked letting the Colts play at a disadvantage in the AFC Title game if they truly thought the Patriots were gaining a competitive advantage because they wanted to trap Belichick. 4. There was only 1 ball that was 2 psi under and that's the ball that was intercepted by Jackson. AKA – The only ball they touched. The rest were 1 PSI underweight which is to be expected. Is it a strange coincidence the 1 ball they had access too was the only one that was 2 PSI’s underweight or was there foul play involved? 5. Former Jets Executive Mike Kensil who was with the Jets when Belichick bolted for the Pats is the current NFL Director of Operations. He has a long open grudge against the Patriots and was on the sidelines for the Indy game. 6.-The NFL leaked false information about this investigation saying all the balls were way underweight to Chris Mortenson and then refused to comment on it any further to put the Pats under a cloud of suspicion.This sets off a week long firestorm of accusations and the leaks continue as we speak. The last 4 times the Pats have played the Colts, they outscored them 189-73...deflated balls, really? Goodell can't find the Rice tape but he can produce a tape of a ball boy going into a bathroom for 90 seconds. They hate us cause they ain't us! GO PATS! I think I'll name my boat the Bella Chick after the greatest coach that ever coached the game.
  23. It's my understanding that a complaint was made in November, the first time the Pats played Indy. So the officials came into this game knowing that a complaint was made. The balls were inspected as per the rules before the game so they had to be deflated after the officials inspected them. As a life long fan, I'm sick about this! Sure other QB's mess with the ball but never after the initial inspection.
  24. Nice sled JJ! I painted mine black too and it's a great color (if it is a color) to absorb all that light and keep the beer from freezing.
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