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  1. What is the hieight of the top? Also where is this located?
  2. wish I knew two weeks ago. Was in buffalo
  3. Sold? I will be in Sodus in 24 days, who is counting. If my wife is up for an eveing ride, maybe we can look at it? Let me know, I would like to see how it rides, how heavy it feels, how it trailers and how it sits at trolling speed. Let me know if its available and I will contact you after I speak with my banker.
  4. I messaged you. If you can make a run up to Sodus and stop into Davenport's. What is inside that shop that matters. They carry a ton of Koyote gear.
  5. If you are running flies put a Koyote flasher in front. These things are deadly.
  6. I would think meat rigs could find some fish. I guessing some heat would set up the thermo. Just thinking about heading out. Wanted to see how to prepare
  7. does the complete wire harness come with them?
  8. No need to be sorry. I hope you found what you were looking for. The Bill Saiff is very knowledgeable in those parts and can be one of many great resources in the Henderson area. He taught a friend and I a lot about fishing the trench and the shipping lanes
  9. Sorry I did mean to start this conversation. A guy was requesting info for the trench. Figured Saiff Charters would be the people to ask. Sorry for the mess it stirred up
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