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  1. It's illegal to do now in Ontario but for staging KIngs I used to run chart/fire tiger J-13's with a silicone tube pierced in the middle treble which I then inserted a glow light stick in the other end. the glow off the stick combined with the illumination of the plug body would be like a beacon in the water. I would say my catch rate for lighted Vs. non in early morning low light or turbid conditions was 2:1 in favour of glow glow stick. A rattling body bait like a bomber long A also did the trick with the added stick.
  2. I usually crush their skulls with my fish bonker or my pliers; never seen them swim away after that!
  3. Yes it can be done. Typically hand lay up is done in layers of glass cloth of various weights. laid up and rolled out on a reverse mold (good side down) with a gel-coat finish if desired. This should all go into a 'autoclave' which is temperature and pressure controlled for a pre-determined time. Bagging and sealing the lay-up and vacuuming out the air before going in. They make aircraft parts our of fibreglass, kevlar, carbon fibre etc. in order to get the strength and lightness into the finished part. I'm sure you can find some good info on line. The materials are not cheap; the mold will take time and will require 'automotive' type finishing to provide a final product that look perfect; lots of bondo, filling/fairing agents and sanding, sanding, sanding........ Good luck
  4. Since there was only one small salmon derby on the Lake last year due to shutdowns etc. Maybe enough 3 or 4 year old fish were able to live another year rather than being taken out of the lake for a derby??? Who knows. There was a 38.6 lb fish caught the day before the derby (not eligible) plus others in the high 30's all in June!!!! The lake record of 45 lbs is not too far off those fish!
  5. I'm not sure what TTT means but I my shipping address is in Bolton, Ontario, L7E 1T4. Fed Ex or UPS or even the USPS would be o.k. with normal ground delivery. If you can let me know the shipping cost I'm make a decision right away.
  6. In our Country just North of you; they've already taken steps to take away our guns! Too distracted, sleepy and dump-ass people; you just can't get through to them because they have the brain of a gnat. We have a bought and paid for socialist media who are a corrupt and dishonest as our '****head" Prime Minister. America is getting great again.....you need to keep it that way! (I have many relations in NY state) I'm as concerned for our Country as yours........what happens when us 'old' fogies die off? Replaced with these entitled brats?
  7. I have a head unit for the X4. I 'had' lost it in my garage but found it a week after my new one came in. I'm in Ontario. Can ship via mail or UPS. Let me know what you're willing to spend. Regards,
  8. Is this still available? I did the same thing as you, except I haven't found mine yet! I am interested.
  9. I find it absolutely amazing that we've had record high levels twice in the past 4 years and am being told this is the new normal. I thought these were to be 500 year events? Obviously the "science is settled"......NOT! Heavier late spring snows hanging around into late April in the entire Great Lakes watershed plus mid to late spring rains helping to melt the remaining snow must be a factor. What is the incoming flow data from the upper lakes? How much reclaimed lands elevation was set on non-relevant lake levels? Toronto Island as an example? They should have made it 5 feet higher.
  10. I believe its because coho's spend more time in the streams than Chinook before migrating to the lake. I think the young parr are exposed to warmer water due to them spending almost up to a year in the river.which may cause mortality. But like SK8man said; I would defer to the research biologists to confirm this or not.
  11. There are documented naturalized runs of Coho in both Bowmanville and Wilmot creeks on the north shore. Not huge numbers but have been returning for over 15 years.
  12. The reliance on fish finding technology to indicate fish and bait below the boat is indicative of the current culture of "if its on my screen" it must be real! In combination with good technology and experience the odds can be turned in your favor. After 40 years chasing salmon on lake Ontario I can only think about 15 times that a fish appearing on a screen actually became a hit. Most of these were 'streakers' which started above my lures and came down on them with an instantaneous hit. I believe most hits come quickly from the side where if your unit is fast enough may show up as a slash or partial line; pure 'hooks' are something I've never really understood compared to lines, slashes, streaks, etc. At least these indicate the fish are on the move. One of my most successful techniques when 15 miles offshore is to mark every bait ball and every hit on my GPS, if the bite is on simply repeating and zigging and zagging back through these schools will increase my hook ups. Relying on your fish finder to find fish that you could entice to hit your lure is a sure fire way to frustration, as a tool to narrow the odds a bit makes it useful. They still have to be enticed to hit your lure.
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