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  1. Thats crazy.. looks like they triple stack the riggers. Also who carries 3 nets?
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Antney did you mount your reels on the bimini like the guy in the video, or to the rail on your trophy? Putting them on the bimini would make me nervous if the boards ever torpedoed or got hung up on anything
  3. Hey guys and girls. Hope everyone has a great Christmas. I'm switching over to otterboat planers from inlines this year and was looking for some advice. My boat is a 21 foot Trophy 2002wa... No hardtop or arch. im thinking about just adding the bigjon rail mounted reels for the boards, but im not sure if the rail is going to give me enough height to keep the planer lines out of the water and the boards tracking properly. I don't really want to spend the extra dough on a mast system unless i have to. Any trophy ( or similar walkaround) boat owners that can chime in with their experience dealing with this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks guys.Rebel your spot on about the snow camo. You can get right on top of them if you play the wind right
  5. Hunted pretty hard this past week. Passed a ton of deer. This 9 point was approximately the 40th deer i saw on Friday. Took him at 130 yards with the 06. Only went 3 steps. Glad i let the does and small bucks walk earlier in the day
  6. We run over to Owasco or Oneida when the big lake gets blowing. Owasco is similar fishing to ontario, it has browns, bows, lakers, and some really nice walleyes. Oneida you have to change your approach a little as its not a deep lake, we either troll them off the boards, or if its early enough(may/june) cast sonars over strucutre and pound the dinner plate walleyes
  7. Can you imagine getting your 9th line in the water and having a whale come through and wiping out your entire spread? We have it easwy
  8. Well got my bow buck last night in 15-20mph winds. I setup in a funnel between two thickets, and above a buck bedding area at around 3:45 to hunt the last hour. The property holds a few real giants, but i haven't seen either of them since August, i assume their bedding across the street on property i cant hunt. There is however a few nice 2.5 yr olds ive been seeing, and a small 4 point that ive let walk a few times already. Around 4:30 this buck pops out, nose to the ground and stops broadside at 40 yards. I ended up spining him and had to haul a$$ out of my climber to run up and put a finisher in him. I felt a little bad about the shot, but i ended it as quick as possible. He's not the P&Y deer i was hoping for but im a very happy hunter either way. Add this to the 2 doe i already have and the freezer is getting full, almost time to get after the winter chrome.
  9. That looks like a hangon stand not a climber. any idea on the weight limit?
  10. would you do 3 for 100 for the 3 with flea flicker?
  11. For eye's i troll mostly Onieda with cranks off the boards. I generally start out around 2.0 regardless of what baits i have out on, and do slow S curves until i start getting hits. If im picking up fish on the outside board in a turn i know they want it faster, if im getting them on the inside i slow down.
  12. i know alot about deer, and this sounds like "the cruncher" or "deerview mirror" to me you got a website?
  13. Sounds like deer walking in leaves? those are called squirrels
  14. Sweet buck. i always wanted one with drops. goodluck getting him. Cant wait till Tuesday
  15. i just traded in my 94n force 120 to burt goodnough's.in Sandy. the motor has a solid top end but no lower unit, he may be willing to part it out
  16. Also my rights don't come from government, and they are up for negotiation.
  17. Pickerel killer that was one of the dumbest and most idiotic statements I've ever heard. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
  18. A muzzleloader was once a weapon of war. You live in lala land if you really think any o these idiots in Washington give a crap about anything other than votes and spending our money. I promise you none of them care about anything but keeping the gravy train going. Possible exception for Ted Cruz and rand Paul
  19. 3 feathers, Chicago has the highest gun murders in the country , and also the most restrictive gun laws. Criminals don't follow the law, and no amount of propaganda can change that
  20. Drebs that's a really Interesting deer. Could just be a fat 4 yr old or I'm thinking he might be like 6 or 7. Lotta sagging in his belly and face
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