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  1. No photos they don't turn out well with the tarpon in the water next to the boat. We had one that almost jumped in the boat.
  2. Just got back from Islomorada. Went 7 for 14 on the Tarpon. All 150 to 170 plus on light spinning gear. Reel Attack charters Master Capt. Jon Costanzo (508)954-9420 put us on perfect drifts every time. Put this on your bucket list.
  3. Go to the bait shop on empire blvd.
  4. I use a Nils Master 4.5 on my Millwaulkee 18v works great.
  5. Jig a Panfish asasain under a float 2 feet.
  6. I use a lure jenson ball on a string on canandaiguia. I find that along with watching blowback and using a fish hawk temp sensor that you drop and reel up works ok. I also wonder if I had the money,would a probe at the ball make me a better fisherman? Has any one else used the old school ball a string?
  7. Thanks for posting this. Great idea on stuffing peanuts in the handle.
  8. Glad to see someone's on the same page.
  9. I think we need a moderator on this site to delete spot burning.
  10. Mines 110 , it's green and yellow.
  11. The Rapala tried it once and put on the shelf.Many years latter saw someone use the Mister Twister, first perch I used it on couldn't believe the difference between the two.
  12. I just bought a mister twister electric knife with twin blades. For me it works much better than my old Rappala electric single blade knife.
  13. Yankee troller if you really care about the trout ,lets ban charters and fishing guides. That would mean less fish taken.
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