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  1. How do they compare to a 175 pound Tarpon?
  2. Here's a number of a Capt. I fish with Jon Costanzo (508)954-9420. Located in Islamorada, Backcountry and Tarpon.
  3. For inland lakes, lure Jenson makes a weighted ball on a string with a pointer to a speed dial. It works, its cheap and no batteries are required.
  4. Is auto pilot connected to radar. If not it would be helpful if it could pickup other objects and give an audible warning sound.
  5. Neither can turn away quick. Sailboat has a large blindspot. Wouldn't be a bad idea to blast a horn.
  6. Running more than 80 out on the boards is unneeded..
  7. I think the owner is not the same as the one three years ago.
  8. What's the length of the perch? My daughter caught a 14 1/2 inch perch and she still reminds me about releasing it. A replica could be a solution.
  9. You know need a parking permit.
  10. Epiphanies spar varnish in gloss will hold for a long time.
  11. I found a couple goose blinds in the middle of rt.21 two years ago, I moved them off the highway in a yard. I still wonder if the owners were the ones that found them.
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