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  1. Do you have any old 6 in orange lure Jensen 00 dodgers
  2. Wondering if you have any 6 inch lur Jensen ORANGE dodgers. Not the fire red ones. Thanks in advance Rick
  3. Cheapest part of salmon fishing is the boat. Welcome to our world. 22 reels and 9 rods. Do alot of switching reels when things change.
  4. Want to purchase Luhr Jensen OO ORANGE 6 inch dodgers. Not the Fire Red. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance Rick
  5. I noticed that if I back the trailer in and get the carpet bunks wet it will slide on better.
  6. Traxtech makes a multiple rod holder adapter base that fits all brands Including Big Jon and Vector so you can use there track. The part # BJBA-3
  7. X3 on the Chamberlain used to use blacks and switched. Best change I've made.
  8. The best bet is go down to the launch on a nice Sat morning about 5:30 and you will see what the world has to offer for setups. And about noon and you will be able to talk to anybody about there set up and what is working. (NOT THAT FISHERMAN LIKE TO TALK). You will learn so much and actually you will see what they mean. Takes the guess workout of it and you will meat a great bunch of guys.
  9. There is a learning curve but once you get it you'll like them.
  10. If you want to have a 150 ft. lead set your line counter to zero and let out your 150 ft of line. Than set the Siide Diver arm and reset your line counter to zero and let out your line to let say 50ft or 75 ft what ever length yo want. Use them and like them. Sold all my dipseys
  11. Just wondering is the Fish Hawk TD worth buying or not ?????? Thanks in advance
  12. You can use one as a high diver and one as a low diver.
  13. Could you give me the part # for the Big Jon counter springs you have for sale. I need the large spring for the electric captains pack. Thanks in advance. Rick
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