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  1. The turkey numbers are definitely down I think it may be due to the fishers and coyote populations getting out of control
  2. Gin clear conditions are tough I find down sizing to small scorpion size spoons in plain silver or brown trout patterns any pattern that actually represents a small locally found fish. This is what works best for me. I am sure that some of these Great Captains on this site will help you out further
  3. 30lb wire for the dipseys and 30lb trilene big game moss green for the riggers haven't had any troubles with fleas or memory
  4. John always is a class act. as are most of the captains out of the oak, including yankee trollers it is the best fishing ports on the lake with some of the best and friendliest captains
  5. boat canvas where can I get a new top and side curtains made in the Elmira corning or Ithaca area
  6. I'm on the east side of waneta lake and its like walking on marbles here tons of acorns an hickory nuts
  7. Jason I had an awesome day out there Saturday. still tons of fish out deep. we had over 30 bites in 3 1/2 hrs. Steelies were hitting bugs on the surface. we boated 7 matures, and lost at least 2 others.
  8. white/green dots on 1side and white/black dots on the other side
  9. start at the 30line straight out had a fantastic day out there. ended up with a 4 man limit containing 7 matures 2 coho and three steelies. 75-90 down moonshine geezer and carbon 14 were our best spoons and white green dots with the pro/am glow fly also white 2face with the stud fly took all but 1 of our matures on wire out 255 and 280 on a 2 setting. Also released several 2yr old kings and steelies. a lot of the steelies came on sliders and a ten color leadcore
  10. Try Mikes marina on the little salmon river on Mexico bay
  11. That's the most common. Some guys run mags also
  12. copper question I was wondering if weighted steel continues to sink at the same rate with wire for backing, wouldn't copper do the same eliminating the need for several copper rods.
  13. white/green dots with a pro-am glow fly and a white double crush glow with purple mirage fly. As far as spoons moonshine geezer and carbon 14
  14. it should just push/pull out try a little wd40 or pb blaster
  15. its a spin doctor and fly combo not sure if the fly is still available,as it was produced by siggs riggs and I believe they went out of business but an atomic pro am glow works well also
  16. weatherman the only job in the world you can screw up everyday and keep
  17. Thanks for the info guys. I just hope the fishing remains good this year. Last year after the lake flipped the fishing was terrible and it never rebounded.
  18. the biggest thing to remember is don't rush it and don't over reach
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