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  1. how can they expect anybody to shoot does this early ? I watched 2 fawns nurse off their mother yesterday evening. this state is just f---ed up
  2. the bears kill just as many fawns as the yotes do kill them to
  3. G5 striker 100s fly like field tips when bow is tuned properly
  4. no even if it ends up being just a boat ride. It will still be better than working or staying home
  5. heading to Oswego this Saturday any info on how the fishing is looking for a starting point
  6. also the 13-10 winning laker was kept alive and released after it was wieghed
  7. someone told me the three blade rage are illegal in new York as they are considered barbed anybody else have any info on this
  8. oooh that sounds like a mess in the making to me
  9. 100% natural collected fresh at a local deer farm
  10. that's what I want to do for a living the only job you can mess up everyday and keep supposed to be 1ft or less today at the Oak and it was solid 4ft out there but at least the fishing was good
  11. lost the buck of my life last year due to the rage heads deflecting on a quartering awayshot
  12. also if you have a smart phone with internet check out ruff riders live report updated regularly and very helpful
  13. if time is an issue then sodus but you need to fish deep80-110 on riggers and 300-450 on the dipseyfrom 220 fow out
  14. sounds like the board to me you can send it out for repair or you can replace the switch with a three position toggle switch then it will come up without holding the switch however the autostop will not work
  15. if I am not mistaken stiffer leader line = more action delivered to the fly which could bea good thing
  16. Harvey ,Scotty said to open the window when you are cooking lead in the kitchen you are crazy enough.
  17. we can only hope I bet the currents are terrible. im sure even though we will be fishing blind it will beat working any day
  18. anybody know what the east wind did to the temp looking to get out there tomorrow but im fishing with a buddy and he don't have a probe. any info is greatly appreciated.
  19. I got a replacement from narbys at the oak last year not sure if they have one in stock but I am sure they can get one for you
  20. siggs rigs pulse flies have that as well
  21. my wife loves to fish as much as me and don't get in the way when a rod fires or you will get run over. but seriously the best fishing buddy I have ever had
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