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  1. white with green dots with an atomic pro am glow fly and on a bright sunny day the original 72 monty combo is hard to beat
  2. anybody know if it flipped?
  3. the oak Hopefully this east wind doesn't flip the lake, and do to the fishing what it did at this time last year.
  4. lake ontario tweets What's going on with this page? It seems to have went blank.
  5. the oak any current reports heading there tomorrow looking for a starting point
  6. just be sure to put a drop of super glue on the knot
  7. due to the no wake regulations you are probably better off going to Hughes Marina
  8. the biting fly formula is the only thing that works. The long pants and socks will slow them down but they can bite through your clothes. I hate them little buggers.
  9. I think that the fish are temp oriented. However I think the preferred temp zones are a little larger. That being said most of our bigger fish come out of colder 42-45degree water.
  10. From my understanding they are catching a lot of fish,and are only available to the pro staff currently
  11. They are nice until you dump it then I cuss up a storm while untangling and reorganizing only downfall I have noticed
  12. The sad part is us fisherman have been saying this right along. To bad it takes the gov this long to act, a lot of damage could have been avoided
  13. nice job guys. Is that Tracy I see there? Tell her Chuck and Melody said hello.
  14. launch at the coast guard launch
  15. not sure but you can launch at the coast guard launch
  16. I not so sure I believe there are missing year classes of alewives. We seen all yr classes last summer. In fact I think Capt. Vince posted pictures of the so called missing year classes. I think they need to change the way they do the trawling
  17. always direct tie my stickbaits and use a small sampo swivel with spoons
  18. nice rig check your trailer lights we were behind you this morning when you turned into the gas station your turn signal and brake lights were not working just your running lights were
  19. I think they should rot in jail and eat those half rotted zombie salmon every day for the rest of their pathetic lives
  20. I agree with the derby all summer but take them home and eat them . Yuck, using them for fertilizer sounds like a better idea
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