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  1. last I knew they had to go past the piers to get in the river all I was saying is they are around so get after them
  2. already been a few caught in the salmon river
  3. ​I had awesome trips from may till mid august. But since they started staging the kings have lockjaw however the brown and steelbows have filled the void.
  4. A wise charter captain once told me sometimes less is more especially when the fish are spooky
  5. both work. So it depends on what the fish want that day
  6. just got back home from the oak fished today 90-140ft 70-90 down carbon14 Oscar and 42second gold spoons and white green dots spinny with a atomic uv pro am fly 280 on wire ended the day 17for 31 don't think it can get much better
  7. Saturday was the better day in 100-150ft sunday fishing was better out at the 28 line strangely enough the water was calmer out there and the fishing was better also. spinny's seem to produce more consistently than spoons for us in the top 70ft. same size range as Nick with most 5-12# with only 2 over 20 but great numbers both days
  8. You know they're bad if they make you puke smoked. Almost anything is good smoked
  9. we got three on sat at the oak 1 down 50 1 down 30 and 1 on a splitshot rig
  10. fished from daylight till about 2 from Meyers to the south end on the west side running toplines and downriggers. Caught way to many little 14-16in landlocks and 1 nice landlock about 6pounds rainbow trout pattern thunderstick and smithwick did the best. the bad thing is about half the fish we caught had lampreys on them. All fish lived to fight another day except the eels we released twice as many as we caught
  11. maybe angry alewive bubble rad
  12. there is nothing wrong with stream fishing when done right. The problem is about 8 out of every ten people on Catherine and several other streams deserve to be ticketed
  13. cant go wrong with either choice, but I would choose the Honda
  14. x2 also yankee troller is another good choice you can message him on this site
  15. Dream weaver moonshine or finger lakes tackle will all run together ssw, carbon14, green gator, 42second,kos,freakyfrog,and black meat pounding deep are a few of my go to spoons for kings
  16. its at clute park next sunday I believe it starts at 8am
  17. I was thinking the same thing might try to get out of sodus by the coastguard station on sat with the warm temps and recent rain should be good if we can get out
  18. I agree with Tank the striker 100's fly true for me as well. the montec not so much
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