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  1. its been along time since I have fished over on the east end is the little salmon inn still open they used to have good food
  2. just got home from fishing that tourney had a blast caught at least 75 fish in 2 days the fleas suck the best fishing was 60-70 ft of water with a mt dew spinny and fly on a 300 copper also a7 color core produced a few rainbows and landlocks as well as a few of downriggers down 45-60 just wish we could get something big enough to place but had a great time met some great people
  3. I almost always run a flasher/fly on my deep rigger parked in the ice water most of the time that accounts for the bigger fish of the day
  4. we fished that break at 500ft a lot of the smallest kings we have ever caught 2 big lakers and a few steelhead colors didn't seem to matter as long as It was in the top 30ft
  5. thanks guys we decided on heading to the big lake instead
  6. anybody have any news on the condition of the launch and lake in that area
  7. if that was caught out of the oak it is indeed a white halo we doubled up on the dipsies and they got wrapped together,and the fish won
  8. we also were out on monday and went 5 for 19 just couldn't keep the hook in them 1 of the fish we landed was hooked in the side and 1 was hooked in the top of the head so I agree they are just slapping at the lures out of aggression. we were out of the oak fishing 65 -85 ft of water 60 -70 down with spin dr and fly and 1 jplug on the 300 copper
  9. yes you should alot of times the junk lines are the most productive lines in the spread
  10. it may sound like that but if you ask any of the elders that fished the rivers back then and still fish them now they would gladly tell you there is no comparison.
  11. Well said Vince. Bandrus were you around back in the 80's or early 90's to see what a real run was like.Those runs were nuts not what we have had the last few years.
  12. any braid should work albright knot with a dab of super glue
  13. the transducer is right .The battery is new. the red light is blinking. im just wondering if the transducer is bad
  14. everything works great until you send it down more than 10 feet. Anyone else ever had this problem. and what to do to fix it
  15. if i could only have 2 it would be the 72 montey or the white with green dots
  17. fished Sunday found a good temp break straight out front 200-250 ft went 7 for 8 with 1 king the rest Steelhead with a couple of them being over 10 pounds all trout released kept the King for the smoker,all fish came in the top 35 ft on anything green or black
  18. Notice Chas didnt want the wonderbread spoons
  19. i will second the deep six of the wonderbread spoons as for the sea sick waddler i run them consistantly because they produce for me as do any spoons with black green or glow.Hey maybe i should try a super glow wonderbread. NOT!
  20. no we were straight out front in 100 to 180 ft of water pretty much all by ourselves
  21. fishing couldnt get any better than it was this morning.We went 24 for 31 mostly steelies with a few smaller kings and 3slimers we did lose 1 screamer off a 40 ft rigger all the rest of the fish came on splitshot rigs and 3colorcore off the boards.watermelon and mixed veggies were are best producers.wish i could post pics some of the steelies are rather large in th 12 to 15 pound range simply unbelievable. And all fish released to fight another day
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