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  1. for me as bad as i want it to work it never does its wonderbread
  2. thats strange we use spectra from amish outfitters maybe a bad batch orsomething get ahold of them maybe they will have some suggestions or make it right
  3. never had this problem been using the same 50 for probably ten years what are you using for towline
  4. with the clippers we use rubberbands
  5. We use clipper releases frm amish outfitters
  6. anywhere in the canal system ive always had better luck with fresh cut bait from creek chubs or suckers
  7. the fish haven't started to run those tribs good yet. the longer colder winter has them behind. give it about another week,and the fish should be there. Oh and probably the people too
  8. Rick did say he was looking fr a new boat maybe he found it
  9. I used to have problems with the albright knot failing until i started making sure to use at least 15 wraps then once cinched down add a drop of super glue.haven't had a failure since
  10. i run 10' floro leader tied to mainline with a bloodknot and either a spro or sampo swivel to attach spoon
  11. I am new to this site. My name is Chuck and my wifes name is Mel. We have a 27' harbourcraft,we keep docked at 4c's marina at the oak. We cant wait to get this season going,and hopefully meet some new friends.
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