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  1. Jigging lakers is prob your best bet with the gear you have. Use 3/4oz to 1oz jig heads on 4" swim baits and twister tails.
  2. Fished Thursday, and Today early morning bite been pretty good. Boated around 15 Kings couple steelhead and some lakers in the 2 days. Back out again everyday this week weather permitting.
  3. Estate sale find. Rod looks to be in new condition and comes in custom Orvis aluminum tube LL Bean Signature reel model 8910 has floating fly line and backing on it. Also says made in Argentina. $200 or best offer.
  4. NK 28 black and orange has always been a good king spoon for us. Sea Sick Wadler and AK-47 are also great spoons.
  5. Fished this morning between 80 and 140fow and landed 10. Best fish was 19lbs. Also caught a few out deeper between 200 and 300fow on 10 and a 7 color LC. All spoons.
  6. Did a 20lb Laker and went 1/2 on decent kings Saturday. Lots of skip kings showing up this week to.
  7. A pair of 12" bases in great shape. PayPal excepted. $50 for the both of um. Can also ship them if needed.
  8. Go out and fish 90 to 120fow for lakers. Been catching a few every trip out their. Mag spoon or cow bells on bottom.
  9. We decided to head straight out towards 100fow for Lakers this morning and were not disappointed. Ended up landing over 50 Lakers and prob dropped another 20+. Action was crazy with numerous doubles, Triples and 1 Quadruple. Mag spoons on the riggers and FF on the Dipseys. Also ran a 10color with a sutton 44 and a 300 copper wonder bread spoon in FL tackle. Everything got hit constantly. 10lb average on fish with a pair of 18lbers being our biggest. Had a great time with good friends.
  10. Hears a Pic of a real pretty brown we caught on Saturday. And an 8lb Atlantic we caught last year that my buddy had mounted.
  11. Bay rat in Esmerelda has been moving rods in that clear water for us this year. Lots of fish propoising off shipbuilders this morning. Which is wear we landed 2 of the Browns.
  12. 3 Browns in close on Bay Rats and 6 lakers on mag spoons out deep for us today. Hopefully things pick up soon. It's been a grind out their so far this year.
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