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  1. The entry fee is a little pricey for most ams.Observers are always an issue when fishing from a smaller boat and living 2 1/2 hours from the Oak.As for the format of the tournament.I don't consider my self much of a trout fisherman.When 4 of the 23 boats on day 2 had a 10 fish limit, of which 21 were pros. That rules me out!
  2. Mostly spoons.Had one meat rig off a 200 copper that took fish and ran flashers and flies off both wire divers.Lost one good fish and caught our biggest fish later in the day with this set up.Riggers and leadcore 6,8and10 colors all had spoons on.
  3. Fished on Sunday in front of the river and a little west in 70-90 fow.Fishing was outstanding,boated 12 kings 11 of them were10-18lbs,Quit at 11:30 when it started pouring.
  4. I use spray paint.I just spray what I need into a 1/4 oz color cup.You can get about every color and it will hold up well in water.
  5. I just set up a pair of otter boards and found the 9 by 14 rope length to have a tendency to pull more towards the boat.When we were done for the day we tried some different lengths.We found that on my set up 10 by 13 pulled away from the boat and ran much better.Mine were already modified according to Big Jons specs for pulling copper with the extra keel.I will be putting braid on real soon.
  6. Might want to consider renaming this site! Lake Ontario UNITED dose not seem to be very appropriate anymore.

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