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  1. I would have thrown every one of those fish back, in hopes they'd get big. But when someone pays you, i guess you keep whatever you catch.
  2. nice buck, good job, i tried with the muzzleloader myself but only saw does and fawns, some were native to my back yard so i didnt pull the trigger...first time i ever recognized deer and didn send them too heaven lol
  3. those were so cool to catch back in the day, especially if they were mature
  4. oh 75 huh, lighter then i would have thought..not bad I think I'll try one out soon
  5. looks cool as hell...i would like one a little bigger overall...how much does it weigh?
  6. I dont like when I "like" a post and i end up sending a heart to some guy i dont even know instead of a thumb up....whats up with that?
  7. I fished off the Charlotte Pier from 4am until 10am today, there are salmon jumping, nobody caught anything...there were only a few others out there fishing. Pulled into the parking lot with about 20 or so people partying out of their cars/mini vans. Lots of people all cocked up and walking behind you, talking loud/acting stupid...cant wait for the summerville side to be finished. Unfortunately looks like it'll have to wait till next season as it'll be almost deer season before that happens.
  8. I'm 55.625 and i never saw it before either
  9. that's pretty cool, wish they watched more rivers though
  10. I spent about 3 8 hour days in the last 2 weeks on the Summerville pier...that 1 day in late august that we has winds out of the south and the lake flipped I caught a nice female king and 3 browns and the guys in the boats were hooking up, the other 2 days nobody caught anything while I was there, didn't see any hookups on the boats either. Not much blood on the pier.
  11. There is another fish hatchery just north of Caledonia in the town of Wheatland, just off of Cedars ave. I'm not sure what fish are raised there but have a friend who owns a bunch of land on the other side of the road and we were over there looking at deer stands yesterday morning. He said he thinks it's state owned but I'm not sure of that. It feeds into a private community called Blue Pond then flows across my friends land before eventually feeding into black creek. There's brookies and browns in that creek and I get the feeling that's what they raise.
  12. I live about a mile downstream from the Caledonia hatchery...whatta ya say I sneak in and throw a mill or 2 fertilized king eggs in with the brown eggs? we can bring them in from the lake...screw the virus! I want fish! Spread the virus! (just kidding, don't need the DEC guys kicking my door in) In all seriousness I have a trib running across my land that has year round brookies and small browns, and some mature browns run up it out of the Oatka which is the creek spring creek runs into before reaching the river. I think it was about 3 years ago during a hard winter that some Canadian cormorants (that's what the DEC said at a meeting a Caledonia high school anyways), and they completely wiped out all the trout in my small stream and pretty much the oatka creek trout...nothing was left....so I know they are a problem. It's probably not where the fish went as the OP originally asked but I'm sure they hurt the population. Also I'm mostly a shore fisherman since my father passed and his boat sold. I've been to state of the lake meeting before so not quite true that shore fisherman don't attend. I'm 55 and had a fishing license my whole life. I want the fish back to the central and western tribs as I like to fish the oak and Summerville. It's BS. Bring the kings back to Caledonia please.
  13. I caught 2 Kings yesterday morning about 8 am on the summerville pier.
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