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  1. Damn, I was wondering when that 5mph would come this year...I figured it would be any day now judging by the water level at Mayer's...
  2. Just got an X4D from North Woods outlet in March, $749 + $15 shipping, but no tax...Best deal I found, showed up 2 days after I ordered it.
  3. Looking for a couple of downrigger weights like the one pictured, don't have to be Tru-Trac brand, but need to be 10-12 lbs and local to Rochester/Monroe County...Dont want to think about what shipping would be on these! Thanks
  4. Hi Bill I will take them, I will send you a check tonight. Thanks, Mike
  5. XX is usually 25", and it is usually for a sailboat as sszoldra said. I have an XX 8HP Johnson Sailmaster as my kicker, perfect for a deep v with a garelick adjustable bracket...
  6. Yes actually I just relisted it on CL the other day. Let me know if you would like to take a look.
  7. Wow you did a great job with this rebuild! I was wondering, did you screw those pieces of cutting board into the transom, or use 2 part epoxy to mount? I have 1 piece of star board on my port side mounted with screws and marine adhesive, but i need to put another piece on the starboard side for my Fish Hawk transducer. I would like to try just the adhesive method, where you drill a couple plug holes in the back side of the star board...Please share!
  8. Northwoods Wholesale Outlet X2...Best price I found and great customer service.
  9. Thanks, I think I will try the FH transducer on the starboard side, but I am going to mount another piece of star board to the port side before I put the boat in its slip so if I have to move it, its not such a pain...
  10. Thanks for the feedback...I have seen some comments by members here and on other boards that the kicker creates problems, but my thought is that the FH transducer moves through the water before the kicker does, so it shouldn't be a problem...I would think the 83khz of the Garmin would be a bigger issue but I could be wrong.
  11. Just purchased an X4D from Northwoods Outlet, and I am looking for some installation advice. I have a 17' Rinker fiberglass boat, and I have my kicker mounted on a Garelick mount on the starboard side, and this is also where I have a piece of star board mounted for my fish finder transducer (Garmin brand if it matters) The Garmin runs the dual frequency sonar at 83/200mhz, and the instructions for the Fish Hawk say it runs at 70mhz. Should I look at adding another piece of star board to the port side of the transom for the Fish hawk, or is it ok to try and mount the Fish Hawk transducer next to the Garmin behind my kicker? Thank, Mike
  12. How's the drag on the reels? I know its nearly impossible to get replacement carbon fiber drag washers for these reels...
  13. Now $350 and I will throw in an external 3 gallon tank...LOU special!
  14. 1980 Johnson 4.5HP outboard, short shaft with internal tank. Great condition, runs very smooth, starts 1st-2nd pull. Asking $400. PM or text me at 585-635-9029 Work I have done to it since last summer: - New impeller - New starter gear - New plugs - Cleaned and rebuilt carb- new float, gaskets, float needle valve and needle seat Link to video of it running after I replaced impeller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSZwqJWGNw8 Also listed on Rochester CL: https://rochester.craigslist.org/bpo/d/johnson-45hp-outboard/6644083728.html
  15. Thanks, any idea why it has more blowback than the Fish Hawk? Looks like they both use similar shaped probes...Is it the coated cable that does it? Also how is the coated cable at cutting through fleas? I should probably post this as a separate topic to get more feedback...
  16. Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with the Depth Raider DRX-10?
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