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  1. Okuma white diamond in medium. i use these as rigger rods for anything from walleye to kings. They have a lot of action. You can damn near bend them in a u-shape to load them up and have enough back bone for kings.
  2. When do you all start running flashers for salmon? Does anyone run them in spring up shallow? Say 20-40’ or is this time of year only a spoon/stickbait bite?
  3. You guys that are running chinooks off the back corner in the prop wash, are you running them on a 0 setting straight back or set to pull out to the side? Just curious, never tried it.
  4. I like 2 inline boards and 1 rigger with 100’ lead. I always run everything on the shoreline side. I feel it’s easier to watch everything and not be twisting your head around all day. Also, if your fishing shallow you can run your boards in and out around structure with slight variations in depth. If you have one on the other side of the boat it could be in significantly deeper water. That being said, if I don’t know what depth I’m targeting I’ll run a board on each side and a rigger in the middle giving a good range of depths until I figure it out.
  5. I spent $4,000 to have my 1/4 acre pond dug out from 4’ to 12’ in the center. It took 10 hours in one day. Had it been 1/2 acre digging out all 12’ it would have been at least 3 days and 12-15k. Here’s what I can tell you if you want to bring the cost down. 1. Find a good excavator operator. I did not bring in a dozer. A good operator will be able to slope the sides with his bucket. This will cut your equipment in half. Make sure it’s a good size machine. Get in there with at least a 3’ bucket and hog it out. 2. Do you have room on your property for the spoils? The number one cost would be hauling dirt off location. The farther the haul the more trucks you need or your excavator will be sitting. You wouldn’t believe how many tri axle loads will come out of a 1/2 acre pond. I took 35 loads out of mine and it’s was already 4’ deep. I ran 2 trucks dumping in the corner of my property.
  6. It looks like the ultra system is going to run $1400. That now makes it more expensive than a smart troll with 3 probes and that paddle wheel attachment looks smaller than the new fish hawk probe. i know you’ve run both systems. Is it just me or does it seem like the smart troll would offer a more versatile setup for cheaper. It also has rechargeable battery you just need an android device for a display. I’m trying to understand why one would buy the fishhawk instead of a smart troll.
  7. They have been saying this for a couple years now. Awhile back I sent them an email with an idea I had that I thought would be awesome if they could incorporate it into there fish hawk. They told me they we’re actually already working on it. A year later I was in the market for a new probe so I reached out again to see if there was any updates. I didn’t want to buy a system then have a better one come out a month later. There response was they could no longer talk about the development. So I figured it was close. That was last year so who knows.
  8. I get a couple ducks now and then but my dog keeps them run off. I added a few blue gill this year. Hopefully they can cut down on some of the aquatic insects and leeches that have developed over the years. I don’t want anything that can hurt the baitfish population.
  9. I’m on year 4 with amper time from Amazon. They’ve been great and at 1/3 the cost of name brand. The only thing is they don’t have low temp charge cutoff. But my charger actually does so it’s fine. I can’t imagine those other brands being 300% better.
  10. I ran a tracker targa for many years. I originally bought the terrova 52”. I ended up buying a used shaft and swapping to 60”. It came out of the water a lot.
  11. It’s not just new boaters. This spring I had on a 20 pound king on off sandy. Fighting it by myself in my 20’ boat. I locked the tm in a straight line so I could focus on getting my fish in. A charter boat saw me reeling it in and came from about 1/4 mile out and cut right in front of me by about 100’. I couldn’t believe it.
  12. West, but I was marking fish and bait straight out. The last fish at 11:00 was in front of sodus.
  13. Fished solo from sunrise to 11am. Went 4 for 4. Best water early was 120’-150’. Caught 3 before 8am. One skip that was released boatside and a 14 and 17. All 3 came on the same wire diver with flasher/fly back 125’. Then everything died. After 2 hours I changed all baits and slid out deeper. Picked up a 19 pounder on wire diver back 200’. All bites were flasher/fly on diver. Rigger and spoons saw no action.
  14. You could run a longer leader. I run a 50’ fc leader with a spro power swivel. If my spoon on rigger is back 20-30’ it leaves you another 20-30’ to hook fixed slider on. It will work with the clips your asking about. It works well to get another bait in the water slightly above your first one. However if your running a cheater to say target steelhead higher in the column it won’t work.
  15. Anyone running a troll smarter on Suzuki 9.9 efi? I recently purchased one but it didn’t come with mounting instructions. I really just need to see where the servo is mounted and how to run the throttle cable.
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