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Sold / Closed Spin Doctors (6)

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I absolutely must ask “why do some fishermen remove the snap swivels from spin docks”?

Years ago, as a new member, I bought a dozen spin docs posted in this forum and was surprised when they came in the mail and there were no snap swivels on the spin docs. By the time I bought the snap swivels I had enough money in the used ones that I could have bought new ones.


There MUST be a reason for removing them.


All of the new ones, that I have purchased, have a snap swivel on each end.

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I always have tied the lead swivel to the end of my dipsy leader so that I could quickly change Spin Doctor/flies on and off when on the water. Same with my Downrigger rods that are dedicated to paddles/spinners/flies so it was an easy on-off process.

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