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kingston wolfe island, any one fish for trout and salmon?

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I have chartered in this area since 1997 and used to pick up some trout out around Charity Shoal with very few salmon in the middle of summer.  The salmon seem to prefer the area around the wall and south of Main Duck, with both trout and salmon being taken around the south side of the Duck.  The rest of the area is home to bass and walleye, with Wolfe Island being good for northern pike.  Salmon used to run the river in the fall but I have not seen that in many years.

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Sorry,  for delay in adding a response. 

Agree with previous comment. 


I live in Kingston, typical trolling schedule:  (out 1 -3 days per week)


Lake Trout around west end of Kingston thru Jan- April,

then in May they move to deeper waters, 80+ ft. 

Got a few on north  side of Duck Island (shipping channel) on Sunday, May 14th.

Some success around Big Bar Shoal on Saturday. 


Salmon don't ever come close to Kingston,  but we still go far to get them starting in early July, peaking early August,  then they are gone.

Anywhere, from 5 to 20 kms of west side of Duck Island,  usually over 100++ ft depth,  but they are down 60ft, depending on thermocline. 

(have boated west to Wellington,  but that is big trip. Trailering would be better.  Scotch Bonnet Shoal.)

Bigger boat is recommended out past the Ducks,  or very calm day.


Lots of Walleye around Melville Shoal in the summer,  but they disappear around Labour Day, as they head into Bay of Quinte.

I also have NY State fishing license,  so visiting "The Wall" (South of Ducks) and Charity Shoal is cool. 

Careful around Charity,  very good chartplotter and paying attention is important. 

Lots of several species around Charity.

Pigeon Island is also fun, bit "hit and miss",  but love the area.

Good luck !

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