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On the water first light. Set up in 90 in a westerly troll. Set mag divers at 95 and 105. Both with spoons. 10 color with a perch stinger pattern, 5 color with a mixed veggies stinger and both riggers with gambler rigs. Not 5 min later and landed first of 6 kings on the morning on the dipsey. 30 min later doubled on kings both on dipaeys. Gambler rigs were getting action and doubled on lakers. For the first hour and a half I couldn't keep rods in the water. We ended the morning with 6 kings and 6 lakers, one of which my son entered in the LOC. The kings ranged from 14 to 10 pounds. We stayed in 90 to 100 all morning, off the water at 10 to get to honey do list done. Awesome morning. The pic is the spoon that took 3 kings and a laker...I cant remember the color.


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