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I have a fiberglass boat that I purchased for the motor. The boat is of no value and I need to scrap it. I'm located in Seneca County and know the local landfill accepts them cut up but I was hoping to find a landfill that would take it whole. I believe I read somewhere on here that Thompkins does, but I wonder if someone knew for sure or if there was another location nearby. 

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On the off chance someone now or in the future is looking for information on cutting a boat up for disposal:


 I found the best way to handle the project is with a Sawzall. I tried several blade types and found Harbor Freight Warrior 14tpi metal cutting blades to be the most cost effective one (about 20 blades). Study the boat and understand how it was constructed. I found cutting near the structural seams made sectioning the boat easy and very manageable for one person. Total time spent was about ten hours including pulling motor (cut out motor and drive unit  as one piece) and hauling 4 loads away in the 8' bed of my truck. 

Tight Lines! 

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