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Dreamweaver Ninja

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My brother and I are looking at different options for running 300 copper. We run them off our planer boards now but are wondering if it would be easier to run them off of in-line planers. Sometimes we put a 12oz torpedo weight in front of the copper to get more depth and it's 200ft less of copper to have to reel in than if we were running 500ft copper. The Ninja looks to be the in-line that is easiest to get off the line in a hurry, I'm just wondering if it has enough balls to keep it out to the side and  not pull it behind the boat running our set-up. Any advice?

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While I have a lot less experience running inline boards than a lot of folks on this board I run OR12s, ninja boards and the big church TX44s.  I think the ninja board will pull a 300 copper with a couple of ounces of weight attached.  Not likely they will pull any more than that.  TX44 or the big offshore boards is probably what you are looking for if you want the option to run heavy snap weights.  My ninja boards are about in between OR12s and TX44s.

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