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Whenever I have trips, I keep a sharp eye on the forecasts. The only site that had it remotely right was windfinder. Left port at 0'dark 30 and it was nice and calm so offshore we go. 

   About 3/4 the way out to the Salmon superhighway, the wind ripped up out of the NE. I knew we were in for a rough day. I set up and trolled south west ( with them ) and started a pick on 2 year olds. Not fast and furious, but a decent chew. Magnum Carbon 14... Magnum Silver Carbon... Magnum raspberry carbon ,( comment theme here). My riggers were more productive than my junk lines.

   Like I said, it wasn't a massacre by any means, but we got our bites. The fish I cleaned were loaded with medium and larger alewifes...


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2 hours ago, 180ccf said:

Your report has put two in the box and I have only been fishing for 30min. I'm out here now in 400 and the screen it litup. I'm solo and it is a fire drill. First fish burried my 25lb scale. Thanks for the tip of going deep 


Love that

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