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Good day on the water yesterday. Mixed box of chinooks, cohos, steelies, and one atlantic. Worked a north/south troll, 100-130 FOW. Most of our bites were on the riggers, 20-75' down, 7 fish came on wonder bread Stingers, steelie stoper took a few up top, and tuxedo took a few down deeper. Took a good rip on a dipsy our 240', fish managed to take a green e-chip and hammer fly when the sampo swivel boke. Would like to have that one back. Our bigger fish came deeper, below 50'. A few dinks thrown in the mix too, nice to see a good number young ones out there considering that they are suspose to be a weak year class. All but one had adapose finclips. The nicest fish of our trip was a coho at 11 pounds, and the atlantic was 6. It will be a long time before we put another coho or atlantic of that quality in the boat agian. Good fishing out there, go out and get em!

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Thanks Pike Hunter, we didn't get into the big Kings, but it was a great day considering that coho and that atlantic.

LongLine, I was running my high rigger 100' back, that was 20 down, even took a dink on a free slide on that set-up. Couldn't have been down more that 10-12'. My two deep riggers were 50 and 60 down, and then later on 65 and 75 down, I was running those spoons 50' back.

I had 2 top lines off the boards for the first few hours, cycled through my best steelie plugs, and never had touch.

I had my buddy from work and his son and his son's friend aboard yesterday. We had a lot of fun keeping those two boys busy. They're looking forward to their next trip already.

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