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Wanted Cannon mounting tracks

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I have no idea who makes this track but it almost looks like the CANNON TRACK .Iam selling for $90/  You could cut to your size so you have two tracks $50  for the track only

                     track 7ft 8 in.x 5 in.with a 5 in inside slot

                      2 risers 6im

                    11 lock down knobs

                      4 mounting bases







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18 hours ago, Robo said:

Looking for a pair of cannon tracks

FYI if you have to buy new tracks the Cisco tracks are much cheaper and work on items that fit the cannon tracks. when I bought my cannon ratcheting rod holders for walleye fishing I bought cannon tracks. but when I needed more tracks I found the Cisco tracks by searching online and they were less money. I bought the Cisco and never looked back.

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3 hours ago, Robo said:

To Sherman Brown


You said previously that you had several cannon tracks. What sizes do you have?

I'm looking for 6" or 12"



mine are too long. I bought 24" thinking they would be long enough. They worked but running 3 divers per side they were crowded. But instead of getting longer tracks, I got more 24" and added them on. we got a larger boat that had lots of room so I added the 24" Cisco tracks to what I already had so I had room to mount a spare Cannon rod holder and a Traxstech angled holder for the dip nets.

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