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Kept an eye on the wind all day and around 2:00 the lake laid down so we took our shot at the afternoon window.


Set down just west of Shipbuilders point, at first the water was a bit to muddy but as we past Shipbuilders to the east the color was perfect and the bites started.


We worked a 1/2 mile stretch of water and put 25-30 browns in 2 and half hours of fishing.


Bigger class of fish then last week, bigger ones came on spoons with mongoose stingers taking majority of the fish.


1 Colors and Chinook divers were the hot set ups in 8'-12' of water 


This was a first for me, we had to shovel snow off the boat before we left the dock.  I have never been in the this early and needed a bilge heater to get through last weeks temps.  





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