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Owasco 2024 Splashdown

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Was able to take advantage of a beautiful day we had Wednesday and get the cob webs off the fishing boat.  After a long winter of walleye fishing, Justin joined me in the daylight to splashdown in my favorite finger lake.  Got on the water at 6:30 and built a speard of cores and boards and wasn't long we had our first screaming drag.....good brown that shook us......followed by a bouncing core rod that held the first bow of the season.  Found that both sides of the lake provided plenty of eater sized browns that kept our boards busy. Lakers, another nice bow and some non targeted toothy critters found the spread appealing.  Just a great day with a great friend fishing.  Water temps from low 40's to low 50's and as always in spring fishing, temp breaks and color helped bites. Sticks matching time of the year bait worked well for us, with blk/slvr being best, speeds around 2 did best, great mix of fish. Tight lines.








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Yeah, hadn't taken any vacation this year and had some roll over days......glad i took it, the weather has been not the best since.  Was on that water at 6:30AM and we came off at 9PM. Made the most of it for sure.  Things starting to heat up with the water temps. Look forward to getting out next weekend.......but.......another cold front comes in on Friday.......no surprise 

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