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for sale : usa Captain Seat off 2022 Starcraft Fishmaster NEW PRICE $350

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I bought this Captain's seat for my 2012 Starcraft Fishmaster 196 as it came off a 2022 identical but newer boat. When getting ready to install it,  I realized that it was much bigger than my seat (that was a good thing) but I would have had to do some minor to major work moving the pestestal base and putting new holes in the floor because the arm rest was bumping into my two throttles. My loss is your gain. I paid $400 and that is what I want for it. Measurements are: arm rest to arm rest outer is 25 inches. Base of seat to top of headrest is 35 inches and the seat itself is 20 inches wide and 24 inches long. Please Text for response or leave a message if you call. Thank you James

Cell is 315-408-824620240327_062510.thumb.jpg.b7c8857fd6949b72523e80c4cbf0c76b.jpg20240327_062510.thumb.jpg.b7c8857fd6949b72523e80c4cbf0c76b.jpg20240327_062500.thumb.jpg.002d820cce3faa965b43962c435957ab.jpg20240327_062510.thumb.jpg.b7c8857fd6949b72523e80c4cbf0c76b.jpg20240327_014053.thumb.jpg.e1c186388fea3939a51f4eabb55c2b10.jpg20240327_062510.thumb.jpg.b7c8857fd6949b72523e80c4cbf0c76b.jpg20240327_014053.thumb.jpg.e1c186388fea3939a51f4eabb55c2b10.jpg20240327_062605.thumb.jpg.77e7a059a3799d38e6330b108be1b332.jpg

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